Pornhub & Malta

Welcome to another edition of our series analyzing how different countries around the world use Pornhub. This time we’re looking at the relationship between the site and the beautiful country of Malta. For our reviewing pleasure, our skilled analysts provided us with some interesting figures regarding how the Maltese spend their time on the world’s largest porn site,, which receives 35 million daily visits.

Malta at a glance

In June, the Maltese seem to agree on one thing; it’s time to fap. June is the month where the traffic we get from their area reaches its peak, while February is the slowest month. It seems the beginning of the year is still a bit too busy for them to visit us as much as they’d like to.


What about their daily lives? On Sundays, like most of the world, they’re not as active on our site as they would be any other day of the week, and we reach the peak of the week’s traffic from Malta on Mondays.


The hours between 10 pm and 12am see the most Maltese traffic. It seems that it’s common practice in Malta to fap yourself to sleep!


Fap attack

The Maltese people seem to be pretty average where stamina is concerned. They spend around 8 minutes on the site (compared the world average of 8 minutes and 56 seconds) and they will go through about 7 or 8 pages to find just the right video. Interesting how much porn consumers have in common around the world.

What can I interest you in?

In Malta, pornstar “Lisa Ann” is at the top of the most popular searches along with “MILF” (3rd), “teacher” (5th) and “mom” (6th). Like most countries, they also search a lot for their compatriots using the terms “Malta” (2nd) and “Maltese” (4th). We’re all curious about our neighbors aren’t we?

You can do it!

In February of 2013, Gianluca Bezzina of Malta reached the finals of the popular Eurovision Song Contest. The finals broadcast at 8pm translated into a 15% decrease in traffic to Pornhub between 7PM and 11PM. That is a significant drop, you know! It goes to show how proud the country was that a compatriot had reached the finals.


To our surprise, a month later on national elections day Pornhub had a 5% increase in Maltese traffic. I guess “Whatever happens, happens” right? Fapping is a much better use of time anyways!


It was interesting to see how our friends on the other side of the world, in their beautiful country that is Malta, interact with the fapping haven that is I hope you found this review as fascinating to read as it was for us to write!

  • Hehe, we are dirty. I approve. But 35mil. On a country on less than 1/2mil. Seems rather excessive.

    • alex_pornhub

      The 35 million was on how many total visits Pornhub was getting at that time, worldwide. We are now up to 60 million a day!

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