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It’s time for another one of our insights into Pornhub’s traffic and this time we are looking at The Netherlands. To us, they are more than gorgeous women, pot brownies and great memories. Out of Pornhub’s 35 million daily visitors, The Netherlands are the 15th largest source of overall traffic (and 13th among mobile viewers).


The Netherlands at a glance

Here are a few interesting facts about the Netherlands’ traffic on Pornhub and if you’ve read our past insights you might even notice a few similarities.

netherlands-daysnetherlands-timesMonday is their “Fap the stress away and go to bed” day while Saturday is the day spent doing other things that do not involve us (sadly!) When is the best time of day to watch porn? Well, like many parts of the world, it’s best to take care of business before turning in for the night.

netherlands-monthsSimilar to other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, January is the month most likely to be spent inside browsing Pornhub — whereas in July, everyone is outside enjoying the fresh air. Thankfully, Pornhub is always just a few taps away on your mobile phone.

How long do they last?

Most people in the Netherlands enjoy Pornhub for an average of 8 minutes and 57 seconds. That’s only one second off the worldwide average of 8 minutes and 56 seconds. Other European countries spend significantly more time on site. In the United Kingdom it’s almost a full minute longer at 9 minutes and 42 seconds, and the Italians go for a full 10 minutes and 43 seconds (on YouPorn).


Within the Netherlands, North Holland and South Holand comes out on top at 9 minutes 18 seconds, and 9 minutes 3 seconds respectively. Folks in Overijssel take about 40 seconds less, clocking in at 8 minutes and 39 seconds. Are they quicker on the trigger, or do they just know what hits the spot better? You tell me.

People in the Netherlands view an average of 8.1 pages per visit, which exceeds the worldwide average of 7.60 pages. It also tops the United Kingdom, where they get the job done in around 7 page views.

Traffic proportion

As you can see here, North Holland and South Holland contribute most of the traffic being the bigger regions, but the rest of country does its fair share of Pornhub watching too.

What’s in your porn?

The most searched for term in the Netherlands is “Dutch” and that is by a long shot! Their second favorite thing to get off to is porn superstar “Lisa Ann”, but even Lisa is only half as popular as watching their fellow Dutchmen!

The top terms don’t change much as we look across the various regions – but as we get a bit further down the list it becomes more interesting. Zeeland likes their “Czech” girls, in Limburg its “German” babes, Utrecht searches for “Arab” and apparently Flevoland has a thing for “big ass”.

Small Screen vs Bigger Screen

Over the past few years, the introduction of mobile and tablets versions have caused more people to switch to smaller devices to enjoy their porn on the go. Or maybe it’s just a better way to avoid having your mom catch you watching Pornhub.

Today, only 57% of the Netherlands’ viewers prefer to use a desktop computer. Worldwide, mobile usage in 2013 was just under half at 49%, but in the United Kingdom mobile use has exploded, and now accounts for up to 58% of all Pornhub visitors.

Traffic Changes by Holiday

We’ve seen before that holidays and events can greatly affect traffic to Pornhub and the Netherlands are no exception. Christmas from December 24th to 26th results in a 10% drop in traffic, but that’s nothing compared to New Years Eve when traffic plummets 35%.


May 4th (Remembrance Day) and May 5th (Liberation Day) actually result in a 15% increase in traffic to Pornhub. Queen’s Day on April 30 showed a 27% drop in traffic, but King’s Day on April 26th caused an increase of 14%.

Thank you for having shared this interesting analytical moment with us! We hope to see you for our next installment of our trip around the world.

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