Pornhub Comments on Valentines Cards

Looking for a way to share your true feelings this Valentines?

Humorist Jason Mustian, who brought us the hysterical compilation of Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos, is back with his latest creation
featuring Pornhub Comments on Valentines.

Nothin says lovin quite like seeing real Pornhub video comments on Valentines cards. In the throes of watching a truly hot porn video, passion rules the comment section, and all sensibility goes out the window (along with good grammar and political correctness).

So this Valentines Day, show that special someone you really care by sending them a hilarious, horrifying, and almost certainly inappropriate Pornhub comment card. You can even share the cards directly on Twitter and Facebook.


Check back daily, as new cards will be added right up to Valentines Day. And who knows, one of these Valentines just might help you score as big as the Super Bowl.

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