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From giving us the first campy vintage XXX to hardcore scenes beyond your kinkiest dreams, good old Germany goes with porn like sauerkraut and frankfurters, which is why our friends at asked the Pornhub Statisticians to take a closer look at the porn viewing habits of Germans.


It turns out that Germany is the 4th most visited country to Pornhub, and broken down further, it’s the 10th most visited from Mobile devices and the 3rd most visited from Desktop computers.


Mondays suck everywhere in the world, and Germany is no exception when it comes to their busiest porn day. They like to visit us the most on Mondays, but the least on Saturdays. The same goes for the most visited month, which is January. Probably because friction creates heat, and those Alpine Winter nights can get long and lonely. Oktoberfest, however, doesn’t seem to affect their porn habits: the month that registers the least visits is August.


Deutsch Ausdauer

As far as the average visit length on the site, there isn’t much of a difference between states, although Western Germans spend more time on Pornhub and view more pages per visit, compared to their Eastern compatriots. The national average is 8 minutes, with Hamburg in the lead at 8 minutes and 26 seconds, still 30 seconds shy of the Worldwide average of 8 minutes 56 seconds.

If we compare this to their European neighbors, Belgians watch for 8 minutes 35 seconds and make it though 8 pages, wheres the British spend 9 minutes and 42 seconds, but only look at 7 pages before they’re satisfied.



Regional Besucher

Most of the traffic comes from the densely populated state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which accounts for 23.1% of the German visits. That’s a lot, considering that the whole nation is the 4th more frequent visitor to Pornhub.


Die besten Suchanfragen

Don’t expect any ultra-kinky fetishes in their top searches. Much like their Austrian neighbors, Germans search mostly for porn in their own language and prefer their own porn stars. Can you blame them? Over 50% of all searches contain the word “German” or “Deutsch”, which is one of the highest we’ve seen in Europe for countries that like their fellow landsmann. The only other nationality to make Germany’s top search list is “Czech”.


Other top terms include “teen”, “mom”, “casting” and “milf”. In only two regions is “deutsch” pushed out of the number two spot in favor of pornstar “Lexy Roxx” – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony-Anhalt. You can use the drop-down list in the following chart to see what terms are searched for the most in each region.

From the next chart you can see what regions are most likely to search for specific words. For example, you can see that Southern Germany is more likely to search for terms like “squirt” and “Lisa Ann” and “anal”. Northern Germany likes “Asa Akira”, “Sexy Cora” and “Hentai”. The East and West likes “smoking”, “lexy roxx” and “teen”.



With red hot talent like Madison Ivy, Lexy Roxx, and Vivian Schmitt, it’s no wonder that German’s stick to their own! Lexy Roxx tops the list with 21% of all Pornstar searches, and although mega-MILF Lisa Ann is the most searched for pornstar in the world, she falls behind in Germany at only 10%.



On May 25, 2013 two German Football clubs played in the UEFA Champions League Final – Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The game kicked off at 8:30pm (Central European Time) and lasted for 94 minutes. During this time, Pornhub’s traffic from Germany dropped by up to 40% compared to an average Saturday! Meine Güte! Of course we’ve seen game-time traffic changes like this in many other countries, like the 2014 Super Bowl between Denver and Seattle.


Schöne Feiertage!

Like most countries, we see sharp traffic drops in Germany on some of the biggest holidays of the year. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve show the biggest change in Germany, but Easter traffic also drops significantly. Visits on the German Day of Unity (October 3, 2013) only went down 3.5%, but in a country that ranks 4th for the most traffic going to Pornhub, that’s still a significant change. That’s ok though, we’re fine with a little porn-break as long as you come back!


Hope you found this German porn habits leitfaden useful! Until next time, tschüss, auf wiedersehen!

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