My Little Porny: MLP Searches on Pornhub

Bronies are an interesting bunch. They initially emerged as an online community consisting predominantly of males aged 18-35 with a particular reverence for the new generation My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television show that launched in 2010. Since then, bronies have become the topic of countless articles and documentaries and even convene in hordes (strings?) at annual conventions. Where there is Internet sensation however, there is generally a tieback to porn. For this installment of Pornhub Insights, we’re taking a look at the magical world of My Little Pony (MLP) related searches on Pornhub. The intersection of these two worlds makes for some pretty fascinating data, so let’s clop to it.

Who are Pornhub’s Bronies?

Before we further get into what types of searches come up in relation to MLP on Pornhub, we took a look at which types of users were searching for this type of content. As previously mentioned, bronies are generally between the ages of 18 and 35 and an overwhelming 80% of them are males, according to a recent article from the Daily Mail.



According to our anonymized demographics data provided by our analytics software, the same is more or less true on Pornhub. Specifically, men are 37% more likely to search for MLP porn than women and users in the 18-24 age group are a whole 290% more likely to search for this type of content than any other age group.

Can’t Stop the Clop

Now on to the fun stuff. What do Pornhub’s bronies search for the most on the world’s biggest adult site? Perhaps unsurprisingly, ‘my little pony’ and it’s commonly used abbreviation, ‘mlp’ top off the list. Just when you thought that ‘fapping’ had taken the proverbial cake with regards to masturbation euphemisms, enter ‘clop’ which is a brony-specific term used in reference to bronies masturbating to My Little Pony porn. ‘Clop,’ ‘clopping’ and ‘clopper’ all feature on the list, as well as a slew of particular ponies.


Among them are ‘Pinky Pie,’ ‘Queen Chrysalis’ and ‘Princess Celestia’ though the most compelling is arguably ‘futa’. ‘MLP futa’ ranks in at fourth place and represents well known Pony Fluttershy, who has been pornified into ‘Futashy’ as a fusion of her name and hentai term ‘futanari’ which refers to a character who mostly appears female but has male genitalia. We’ll let you use your imagination to conjure an image of Futashy…


Though bronies are seemingly located mostly in the UK and in the United States, based on where the major conventions are held (BUCK and Bronycon respectively) the highest concentration of Pornhub bronies appear to be located in Belarus, in that  MLP porn is 462% more likely to be searched for there than the rest of the world. Overall it appears that Central and Eastern Europe are where these types of searches are the most popular, with countries like Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic all proving to be 427%, 326% and 179% more likely to perform MLP searches than elsewhere in the world.


However, there appears to be some pockets of Pornbub bronies in South America too, namely with MLP searches appearing to be 147% 101% and 94% more popular in Chile, Argentina and Peru respectively. To get a broader idea of where MLP searches take place the most on Pornhub, take a look at the heatmap below which more clearly visualizes the worldwide MLP search distribuition:


We’ll clop our brony coverage here. As always, stay tuned for more incredible Pornhub insights soon, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Have an awesome idea for an insights post? Let us know at

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