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After we initially ran the first installment of What Women Want back in September of last year, we got tons of questions from readers and reporters alike, asking us to go even further and into more depth with regards to the behavior of female Pornhub viewers. As a part of a special collaboration with RedTube (NSFW) as well as our friends over at The Daily Beast, we’re going to be doing exactly that with this installment of Insights. With the number of female viewers continuously growing, the way that members of the fairer sex engage with adult content remains an increasingly fascinating topic to explore. Today we’ll be examining everything from which search terms have increased in popularity among women over the course of the past year, to which countries currently have some of the highest and lowest proportions of female viewers.


There have been a few interesting changes since we last looked at top searches among women in the first What Women Want post. According to our anonymized demographics data provided by our analytics software, the top 3 most searched terms by women on Pornhub are ‘lesbian,’ ‘threesome,’ and ‘squirt’. These have not changed since our first look at this female-focused kind of data, though terms like ‘massage’ and ‘teen’ have moved down the ranks, and have been replaced by terms like ‘black,’ ‘cartoon,’ and ‘lesbian scissoring’ which all now rank considerably higher. Overall, lesbian content is clearly the most popular, with terms like ‘lesbian seduces’ also ranking here, with several ebony, group and step-relative themed searches also ranking throughout.


Our statisticians also took a look at which search terms grew the most in popularity among our female users over the course of the past year. ‘Real celebrity sex tape’ demonstrated the most growth with an impressive 1028% increase in popularity, perhaps due to Kim Kardashian breaking the Internet with her Paper Mag cover and in turn having claimed the top spot as most searched for porn star on Pornhub for a solid run. Overall, searches involving cunnilingus like ‘man eating pussy,’ ‘guy eating girl out,’ and ‘hardcore pussy eating’ saw increases of 589%, 353% and 228% respectively and terms involving hardcore or rough sex like ‘hard rough fuck’ and ‘fucked hard screaming’ saw growth of around 300%.


We’ve also reexamined which terms women search for proportionally more than men. When we had initially looked at this in September 2014, ‘eating pussy’ and ‘pussy licking’ topped the list,  having been searched for 901% and 792% more than men. It seems that this trend has very much continued in that currently, the top 5 terms topping the list of terms than women search for more than men have to do with vaginal oral sex like ‘guy licking pussy’ and ‘pussy licking orgasm’ to name a few, and are all between 722% and 934% more searched for by the fairer sex. Following that on the list is a slew of lesbian-related terms like ‘ebony lesbian’ and ‘girl on girl’. Special shout out to ‘daddy’ which is currently 240% more searched for by our female users, up from 190% back in September.


We’ll move on to category views now. Here we have the list of the current top categories most viewed by women on the largest adult site in the world. The ‘Lesbian’ and ‘Gay (male)’ categories remain the top 2 with the most views which is consistent to what we found in our prior coverage, though the ‘Teen’ category has demoted down to 4th place, with ‘Big Dick’ currently taking its place at third. Also interesting here is that the ‘Porn for Women‘ (nsfw) category has also decreased in popularity since our last check, down to 8th place from its former 4th place position.


With regards to which categories women watch more compared to male Pornhub viewers, not much has really changed since the first What Women Want post. ‘For Women,’ ‘Lesbian,’ and ‘Solo Male‘ (nsfw) all remain at the top of the list, though the actual percentage points indicating how much more popular these categories are among women have increased slightly. For instance, the ‘For Women’ and ‘Lesbian’ categories are currently 202% and 155% more popular, whereas they were just 193% and 132% more popular among women than men in our September coverage.


Over to the main attraction: porn stars. Kim Kardashian remains the most searched for pornstar among the ladies, with Love and Hip Hop star Mimi Faust (NSFW) disappearing from the list completely and replaced in the number 2 spot by Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham (NSFW). Stoner babe Madison Ivy (NSFW) also gets knocked off the list from her previous 4th place spot.


James Deen (NSFW) is still the adult star proportionally most searched for by women than men at an impressive rate of 504%. Pornhub’s possible first sextronaut, Johnny Sins (NSFW) is a whopping 117% more popular with the ladies, with the reality queens Mimi Faust, Farrah Abraham and Kimmy K proving to be 79%, 57% and 28% respectively more searched for by the fairer sex.



We’re going to continue with a look at proportions of female viewership across some of the countries that drive the most traffic to Pornhub, as well as on a state by state level within the US. When we conducted the 2014 Year in Review back in January, we observed that 23% of the world’s Pornhub visitors were women. This global average has now increased by a whole percentage point, meaning that women currently account for an impressive 24% of Pornhub’s viewership.


The Philippines and Brazil remain on top, both boasting an impressive 35% proportion of female viewers, with some impressive gains noted in India, up to 30% from 26% back in September. In fact, proportions of female viewership are up almost across the board, with exceptions noted in Spain and Russia which both saw drops of 1% and Japan showing no change at 17%. Check out the heat map below for a more global view of where the highest and lowest proportions of female viewers are located around the world.


We’ll now hone in on the United States. According to the latest available census data, the US population currently sits around 51% female and 49% male. As far as Pornhub is concerned however, 23% of our American viewership is female, which is up a solid 2% from earlier this year. The south seems to be where the larger proportions of female viewers are located, with Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina boasting rates in the 26% and 25% range.


Up north temperatures drop and so do proportions of female viewers, with North Dakota, Vermont and Alaska all at 17% with regards to their traffic breakdowns by gender. The heat map below illustrates this phenomenon in more detail.



This is our first time ever segregating data pertaining average session duration by gender. What immediately jumps out is that ladies prefer to take their time, with their average visits to the site lasting a lavish 10 minutes and 10 seconds, compared to men who go for just 9:22. Treat yourselves, ladies! Babes in the Philippines make their sessions last a luxurious 13 and a half minutes, while over in Russia, the ladies cut it short with their 8:05 average time on site duration. Interestingly, Russia is the only country where women actually have a shorter average session duration than men – where’s Pussy Riot when you need them?


Over in the United States, the ladies treat themselves to a whole extra minute and change when it comes to how long they spend on Pornhub, compared to their male counterparts. Though Vermont proved to have some of the lowest proportions of female viewers, the ladies that do partake in the green mountain state go for a generous 12:09 on average. Wyoming and Utah women have some of the shortest sessions in the country at just 10:34, but still maintain a solid lead over the males in their respective states.


Lastly we’ll be taking a look at age proportions of our female cohorts. As we saw in our previous post on age demographics, women beat out men in the 18-24 range by 5 percentage points, but have slightly lower proportions of 45-54, 55-65 and 65+ aged viewers when compared to men, as a result.


On a global level overall, there is a 2 year difference between the average ages of men and women with ladies at 34 and lads at 36. As always, there is some interesting variety when we look at these averages from country to country. Belgium is home to some of our oldest viewers overall, with the average age for both men and women being 38. According to the country’s overall age demographics, the average age there is 43, compared to the 29 worldwide average age, due to their higher proportions of older citizens.


Our older female viewers are mostly located in Western European countries like Belgium as well as the Netherlands and France, whereas our younger female viewers are located in Asian and African countries like India, Egypt and the Philippines.

That brings us to the end of this second female-focused edition of Insights. We’ll be back with more of this gender specific data and tons more soon so be sure to check back regularly!


We’re back with some additional data for our friends over in the United Kingdom! The charts above already feature lots of UK data for things like gender proportions and how long women spend on the site versus men to name a few, whereas here we’re really digging into the specific types of content that UK ladies like best.


We’ll start with the basics: which categories are most viewed, top search terms and the most searched for porn stars among women in the UK. With regards to most viewed categories, the ladies of the United Kingdom more or less follow suit with women the world over, though the ‘British’ category takes the 4th place here, pushing the ‘Teen’ category down a few spots. UK lasses are searching more for ‘gangbang’ and ‘babysitter’ themed videos, and also show strong liking for James Deen (NSFW). Lindsay Lohan’s favorite costar comes in second, just after leading lady Kim Kardashian.


Now let’s take a look at which categories are most viewed and search terms and porn stars searched more among women, proportionately, when compared to men in the United Kingdom. In terms of categories, women in the UK are more or less in line with women in the rest of the world, but interestingly remove men from the equation when we look at the terms searched more by women compared to men, in this part of the world. When we look at this data worldwide, the top 2 results are ‘guy licking pussy’ and ‘man eating pussy’ at 934% and 930% respectively, whereas in the UK ‘pussy licking‘ (nsfw) and ‘lesbians scissoring’ nab the 1st and 2nd spots at 953% and 577%. Ladies in the UK are also looking for more male porn stars, proportionally speaking, with searches for the likes of James Deen (NSFW), Xander Corvus (NSFW), Bruce Venture (NSFW), Danny Mountain (NSFW) and Manuel Ferrara (NSFW) dominating the top 5 spots.

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    Thank you! Good job!

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  • I’m curious what your research method was to determine that these were female users?

    • alex_pornhub

      we use google analytics.

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    just wondering if i made a sex rap song, explicitly detailed, would you review it?

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      I’ll happily give it a listen!

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        Man, I want Uruguayan stats? Have you?

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        @alex_pornhub:disqus how to become a pornstar?

  • Taylor Cogdill

    I think the next step is to follow up on this and present it to some sociologists. I think having some context as to why these biases happen besides, “Men want sex more,” because that is not exhaustively true. I know many women with higher sex drives than any man I know.
    I think this is an opportunity for organizations like PornHub to really start to have a noticeably positive effect on sexual gender relations. For example, women look up more lesbian porn than male porn? Is that because lesbians are more likely to look at porn, or is it because a majority of porn involving males is marked to males?

    • Le Balladeer

      > I know many women


      • Nor

        We all know many women who do. I guess you haven’t dated enough women to have run into that yet, and I’m guessing you’re a guy. Perhaps you deliberately select women who don’t have stronger sex drives than you?

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          or maybe its you that kilss womens sex drive lol

          • Nor

            So far they seem pretty enthusiastic. I’m female btw. Many guys are pretty threatened by women with higher sex drives than them. They often think we’ll cheat or leave them or feel like “less of a man” because they can’t keep up. I don’t date guys that insecure.

    • Guest

      Well testosterone is what drives sex, and it is a fact that men produce way more than women.

      • hollo

        its guys who dunno how to satisfy women that kills womens sex drive

        • Skythe

          Yeah, women excell at everything and men dunno how to do shit. We got the memo, hollo.

    • As an actual sociologist, that would be cool, but statistics on private sector are usually closed and you cannot use it for studies, just on reports for the client.

    • Jenna D

      I think a big part of it is the fact that male pornstars tend to be unattractive.

      • Nor

        James Deen begs to differ.

        • Jenna D

          If all male pornstars were as attractive as James Deen, I think that women would watch a lot more porn than they do.

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      Well as a female what would you say..? It’s funny how even women don’t understand women hahahaha

  • Valenzetti

    Great and interesting post! It really looks like more and more women are beginning to look at porn these days.

    I have a question. Google Analytics can’t predict the gender if you use Incognito browsing, so there’s a chance of a bias. For example, the female proportion could be lower if it’s true that more men use incognito browsing than women (I have no idea if it’s true, just an example). Did you check to see if the non-gender-determined users search for more male-oriented things? For example, if the lesbian searches drop in popularity in those users, or relatively stay the same, you can probably determine if there’s a bias or not.

    Thanks a lot! Looking forward to more data.

    • alex_pornhub

      Our statisticians keep all of this in mind when they analyze the data.

      • Rachel H

        Unless you say how, we’re forced to take your word for it. How about showing your methodology?

    • I think you definitely raise a good point @disqus_wC8LHPbXL9:disqus. This study, to me, seems quite problematic, to say the least. I’m not really that inclined to believe this is much more than marketing unfortunately. Otherwise, there would be some kind of appendix where we could read more about the methods used, etc.

      • This is not a paper, just a blog post. I did’t expect them to show their metodology. Anyway, If they are using Google Analitycs It’s easy to know where data comes from and how are are they probably working with it.

        @disqus_wC8LHPbXL9:disqus I’m also a webmaster, with many sites. I don’t think that Incognito Browsing could introduce any data distortion. There’s only a tiny % of users who use it, and it’s possible to measure how many of them are doing it though.

        • I think my comment is slightly out of context here: I was referred to this page via an article in New York Magazine (if I remember correctly), which described it as a “study.” If this was, indeed a study, there would most likely be some kind of description of methodology written by the “statisticians” that are referred to in other responses here. I don’t believe in the assumed distinction between “blog post” and “paper” that you make above as I think that academic/scientific studies can definitely be communicated in blog posts. But it’s important to remember that a study needs to be able to show the methodology used, in order for it to be called a “study.” Otherwise, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that it’s made-up data, or data analyzed by someone without the correct analytical tools to analyze such data, mainly written to be part of a marketing effort of a site like this.

          • alex_pornhub

            Right so an article erroneously referred to this as a study – it is not. You’ll notice that we never make use of terms like ‘study’ or ‘survey’ in these posts because this is not what they are. The findings are purely from google analytics.

          • Thank you, Alex, for clearing that up. The same article referred to this study as “commissioned by the Daily Beast.” Is that also erroneous?

          • alex_pornhub

            No problem Kalle. In the introductory paragraph of our article above, we indicate that the data is being presented as a part of a collaboration between Redtube, Pornhub and the Daily Beast.

          • What a quick response! Thank you for clarifying that as well. How was the Daily Beast involved in the study? In previous responses, it seems that your own “statisticians” were doing the work. How was this a collaboration between all three of the companies?

    • Scott Cleveland

      Incognito simply does not save your browsing history on YOUR LOCAL computer. Google and your ISP see it all.

  • mrjsins87

    This data is bullshit. Google analytics is just assumptions.

    • waaaaa

      Go check what googles knows about you without you actually telling them, and you’ll be very surprised.

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        where do i find this? haha

  • Could you make this aviable for download, please. I want to play a bit with SPSS.

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    Have you got information about Uruguay?

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    To whom may see this comment,
    I am a graduating University student next year and in the midst of writing my dissertation. It more or less wants to cover the grounds of.. ‘Why some women don’t watch porn? And why don’t women talk about it as much as say.. men?’ Also, ‘Why is it becoming more popular for females to engage in the consumption of pornography?
    I would love to hear porn watchers, or even non-porn watchers to express their opinion and their views as it would be HUGELY helpful!
    email me with any interested and of course I will respect anonymity.

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