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After stints in Hungary and Moldova, the Pornhub statisticians are back in Eastern Europe for an in depth look at how the people of Romania do Pornhub. Today’s post is part of a special collab with our friends over at so we’re setting off to do what we do best and bring you the cold hard porno facts on the country that ranks 20th for most visitors to Pornhub. Let’s go!


When we compiled the data for our 2014 Year in Review, we found that worldwide, the average visit to Pornhub lasted 9 minutes and 16 seconds. Romanians appear to be way ahead of the game in terms of performance here, as their 7 minute and 19 second national average is a little under 2 minutes faster. No wonder they’re the first country credited with scoring a perfect 10 in gymnastics – that’s some serious dedication to form!  Romanians also stand out in terms of their most and least popular days of the week for visits to the best site in the world; most people tend to flock to Pornhub in larger numbers as the work week starts and then taper off before the end of the week, in countries like the United States and Spain. Romania does it a little differently, with traffic peaking on Thursdays but dipping the most the day before, on Wednesday. This is perhaps due to a significant near 30% of the population being involved in agriculture, an industry which doesn’t traditionally abide by the standard work week.


According to our anonymized demographics data provided by our analytics software, the women of Romania are a little late to the Pornhub party in that the country falls a whole 5 percentage points below the international 23% proportion of female viewers. According to our research, there currently isn’t a porn star going by ‘Vlad the Impaler’ for some reason. Someone should really get on that – they would definitely fare well in the Big Dick category which is the third most popular in the legendary 15th century royal terror’s homeland. We have also noted a definite appreciation for age with the ‘Mature’ category proving to be the most viewed there, however. We have only ever seen this category rank first in Italy, though nearby Croatia also hangs with a slightly older crowd with regards to their top viewed categories, as there ‘MILF’ comes in first and ‘Mature’ in second.


This taste for riper women is especially interesting when considering the age demographic breakdown of Romania’s Pornhub visitors. In our piece, The Golden Age of Pornhub, we found that the older people got, the more they wanted to watch porn featuring people that looked more like them. Romanians actually have a larger proportion of users under 45 than the international figures, so we’ll have to chalk it up to a very healthy respect for one’s elders being a part of Romanian culture.


If you’re a regular reader of Pornhub Insights, you know by now that when we study a country’s top searched for terms on Pornhub, nationality usually lands at or near the top of the list. We’ve observed this trend in countries like Brazil, Germany and India to name a few, and again here in Romania, where ‘romania’ and ‘romanian’ nab the first two spots, followed by ‘filme porno romanesti’ and ‘romanian amateur’ a little further down. The abundance of matronly search terms making their way on the list here such as ‘mom,’ ‘milf’ and ‘step mom’ affirm that Romanians definitely prefer their women on the slightly older and more experienced side, unlike in countries like Canada and Mexico, where ‘teen’ ranks in the top 2 spots versus it’s 8th place rank in Romania.


Did you know that the jet engine is a Romanian invention? It’s true! With that, let’s take a look at the ladies that get the engines revving in Romania. Topping off the list here we have the undisputed queen of porn, MILF supreme Lisa Ann (NSFW) followed by Romanian homegirl Alina Plugaru (aka Enrika Dolls – NSFW) and everyone’s favorite stoner babe, Madison Ivy (NSFW), in third. Notorious breaker of the Internet Kim K nabs 4th, while Romanian national treasure Sandra Romain (NSFW) closes the list.



Holidays inevitably affect Pornhub traffic in any given country as these days often mean that people are spending time with loved ones, celebrating or traveling, which inhibits them from spending time on Pornhub. Even better, holidays sometimes simply mean that folks have a day off allowing them to spend a little more time on the world’s #1 adult site. In Romania, New years Eve is the day with the most sizable traffic drop at 52%, comparable to the 53% and 54% drops observed in Russia and the UK respectively on the same holiday. Orthodox Easter is also a major holiday in the country, as attested to by it’s 31% drop, though it would seem that the National Holiday celebrations tend to take place on Pornhub as made evident by the considerable 12% increase in traffic noted on this day.


Another factor affecting how long Romanians tend to spend on Pornhub is where exactly they live. The chart below indicates the sizable differences in average duration visits by region, which vary by as much as 73 seconds. In the capital city of Bucharest, the 7 minute and 19 second national average is extended by a generouts 36 seconds, while in the agricultural regions of Valcea and Mehedinti dip 36 and 37 seconds below the 7:19, putting the time on site here just over the six and a half minute mark.


We’ll bid adieu to this gem of a country with a look at which devices Romanians prefer to use to enjoy Pornhub. Desktop computers claim the lion’s share here, with 72% of traffic originating from PC’s, compared to the 44% worldwide average. As such, mobile use accounts for less than 30% of Pornhub traffic in Romania, compared to the 56% on the international level. Countries like Germany, Russia and Argentina also all hover around these same proportions in regards to their device-specific traffic proportions.


That’s a wrap for Romania! Be sure to check back soon for more Pornhub Insights and don’t forget to drop us a line in the comment section below.

  • Valenzetti

    I have a question. Does the worldwide female proportion change as time goes by? Right now it’s 23%, but was it smaller last year? I’m interested if the gender gap is closing, and how quick.

    • alex_pornhub

      we only very recently started monitoring this but we’ll be able to assess the change when we do our 2015 year in review, at the end of this year. You can find more women specific information here: and we’ll be releasing more gender related data in the posts to come!

      • James Wang

        Alex, is there a way I can get access to a read only version of google analytics account of pornhub for research purposes? I would pay for it.

        • alex_pornhub

          Unfortunately, no. Access to our analytics is really only for internal use.

      • Gunwel

        In that case is there anyway i could get a job at porhub ?

  • Vasile Trolu

    Please stop spreading the “Romanians invented the jet engine” myth. Thanks.

    • DAn

      Yes. They invented the pyramids, the fire, the horse and the writing. 🙂

      • t

        Only the writing with pen…

    • Stefan

      de ce zici asta?????

  • Stefan

    Nice stats! 🙂 Romanians invented more things than jet airplane.

    You missed GALAȚI region from that list….

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