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What’s your secret taboo? Special kink? Recently, the Pornhub statisticians have been taking a closer look at some of the most popular niches among our users, while examining and teasing out some trends within these groups. We’ve looked into BDSM as well as how the 50 Shades of Grey film affected these types of searches on our site. This particular installment in on smoking. While the smoking fetish is certainly a popular one on Pornhub, our findings quickly revealed that in addition to a strong interest in or fetishization of the act of smoking itself, there appears to be many marijuana affectionados among our users. As such, for this special collab with High Times, we’ve divided this post into two parts; the first focusing on the wonderful world of weed-related porn searches and the second honing in on general smoking-specific data. Let’s light it up!


We’ll begin here with a basic look at exactly how the people of Pornhub search for that other kind of sticky icky on the site. In terms of basic nomenclature, it seems that ‘weed’ is the term most used when performing marijuana-related searches. This coincides with the findings detailed in a recent Slate magazine article, which chronicles the etymology of marijuana and affirms that ‘weed’ is the current term du jour, versus more dated terms like ‘pot’ or the more clinical ‘cannabis’.


We can’t speak from experience or anything, but it’s been said that sex and weed go pretty well together. In this sense, it’s relatively unsurprising that after the obvious ‘smoking,’ that ‘sex’ is the term the most searched in affiliation with ‘weed’. Female-focused searches like ‘girl,’ ‘lesbian,’ ‘pussy,’ and ‘mom’ take up a decent amount of space on the list, as do more 420 flavored terms like ‘high,’ ‘smoke’ and ‘bong’. What stood out the most to us was ‘caught’ which not only invokes an element of taboo but is reminiscent of the days of visine and air freshener.


Let’s take a look at which smoking-hot porn stars are most searched for in conjunction with weed. Topping off the list is the Ebony babe with porn’s most perfect butt, Pinky (NSFW) likely for her starring role in the acclaimed Magical Pinky Weed in which our girl magically appears in a genie-esque way after 3 friends smoke a special strain. This also likely explains why ‘magical’ shows up on the list of top searched terms above. Pinky is followed by known stoner babe Madison Ivy (NSFW) in at second and just to prove her dedication to weed culture, her social media handles all proudly feature 420. So, yeah. Third place is claimed by the proudly sober Christy Mack (NSFW), likely due to a super hot video back from her naughtier days featuring Ms. Mack smoking a blunt and enjoying another favorite form of oral fixation. We’ll leave it to you to find that one, though.


Now that we’ve covered the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ of weed-related searches on Pornhub, let’s move on to the most integral part of the equation: the who. According to our anonymized demographics data provided by our analytics software, marijuana-laced searches are (perhaps unsurprisingly) most popular among males ages 18-24. Specifically, men are 117% more likely to perform these types of searches on Pornhub than women and users aged 18-24 are 120% more likely than any other age group. Comparatively, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that men were still 50 percent more likely than women to use marijuana and that the 18-24 group shows the highest prevalence of past-year use at 30%, the highest of all groups.



Here is an at-a-glance look at which states show the highest concentrations of marijuana-related searches in America:


Interestingly, it looks a lot like the map we studied in this article from the Washington Post, which details marijuana use by state. Topping things off with the highest proportion of searches is the hippie-friendly state of Vermont, where residents are 41% more likely to search for the weed-related goods on Pornhub than the rest of the country. Comparatively, the state ranks third for most overall marijuana use in the country. Rhode Island, the state with the highest prevalence of marijuana, is 20% more likely to perform these searches than the res of the US. On the other hand, over in Georgia where they are 18% less likely to search for weed related content, marijuana use is under 6% by the general population over the course of the past month, ranking them in at 32nd place for overall use in the country.


Interestingly, we also noticed that the legal status of the substance tends to be directly related to increased numbers of cannabis-related searches. Bluntly put, in states where marijuana use is completely legal, searches of this type are 14% more likely to occur. The opposite is also true in that in the states where marijuana use remains completely criminalized, these same types of searches are 6% less likely to occur.


For the last part of this first section, we’ll expand our horizons and look out to how the rest of the world searches for the ganja-fused goods on the world’s biggest porn site. The country that likely pops into most people’s heads when thinking about weed is arguably Jamaica. This likely has to do with widely known prevalence of marijuana use for sacramental purposes in the Rastafari movement, though less than 10% of the country’s population are said to actually belong to the religion.


In April of 2015 some of the country’s marijuana laws were relaxed but recreational use remains illegal. This fact may have to do with why the country overall is 62% less likely than the rest of the world to search for weed-related content on Pornhub. On the other hand, over in Costa Rica where use is decriminalized and the laws surrounding use are reportedly generally quite lax, residents are 32% more likely to search for marijuana-related vids.


We’d now like to turn it back over to the topic that initially peaked our interest, which is the fetishization of the act of smoking among Pornhub users. To be clear, the following data pertains not so much to what is being smoked, as was the case with the marijuana-specific data we presented above, but has to do more with the enjoyment of smoking as an act of oral fixation. We’ll start out with a list of the terms that are most searched for along with ‘smoking’ on Pornhub. As we saw with our weed-related data, and now here again, ‘sex’ tops the chart which makes good sense in that if you’re looking for content pertaining to smoking on a porn site, it’s overall more likely than anything going to have to do with sex than, say, Coho salmon.


Just after we have ‘fetish’, followed by ‘cigarette’ and ‘weed’. This shows us that what is being smoked is important but what follows shows that maybe who is smoking whatever it may be is also quite significant. The rest of the list features a slew of searches involving older women. Specifically, ‘mom,’ ‘milf,’ ‘mature,’ ‘stepmom’ and ‘cougar’ all feature on the list, which shows a correlation between smoking porn and older women. This link becomes even more interesting when we take a look at who specifically among our viewers is viewing this type of content the most.


We saw above that weed related searches were most popular among younger viewers, aged 18-24. When it comes to smoking related searches, this same group is actually 59% less likely than any other age group to perform these types of searches. In fact, it is our 45-54 year old audience who is the most likely to search for this type of content on the world’s biggest porn site, a trend which we also observed in our earlier post, The Golden Age of Pornhub. In this post, we were able to isolate the general top searched terms by age group and ‘smoking’ came in at 8th place for most popular. We also noticed that older people were more likely to search for porn featuring older models, which also explains the prevalence of the mature themed searches we noted in the list above. Let’s now take a look at the porn stars most searched in relation to smoking.


Topping off the list here is none other than Rachel Starr (NSFW). She’s well known for playing to her fans’ love of her mouth’s many talents as well as for a video in which she stars with number 3 on the list, Eva Angelina, (NSFW) which involves a lot of lesbian sex and cigarette smoking. And of course, no list ranking porn stars would be complete without porn’s perpetual queen, Lisa Ann (NSFW), who ranks in at second thanks to a few hot vids in which she indulges in all kinds of dirty habits.


This heat map indicates the prevalence of smoking related searches in the 50 states. Right away, our attention is drawn to the Northeastern most part of the country. New England loves them some smoking porn.


Unlike with marijuana where states with high usage rates also showed high levels of marijuana related searches, tobacco use is seemingly in the mid to lower range in these states according to this map from the US Center of Disease Control. Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia are the states with the highest levels of tobacco use overall, but these states are only 39%, 49% and 138% more likely to perform smoking related searches on Pornhub. Comparatively, Vermont is 204% more likely to search for smoking porn than the rest of the nation, again, despite not ranking particularly high as a tobacco using state. On the other hand, California which is known as being home to a health conscious population, ranks low both in regards to tobacco use and smoking related searches. They’re 47% less likely than the rest of the American population to look for this type of content on Pornhub.


We’ll end off here with a look at which countries search most and least for smoking porn. At the top of the list here are many countries which we have profiled in the past, such as Spain, Denmark, Italy and Brazil, which all featured ‘smoking’ as a top searched term overall when we were analyzing their specific search trends.

pornhub-insights-smoking-country-search-differenceOn the other hand, when we profiled Mexico, which is 76% less likely to search for smoking porn than the rest of the global population, we noticed that searches for healthier habits ranked quite high. Specifically, searches like ‘gym,’ ‘fitness,’ ‘yoga,’ and ‘massage’ were popular among Mexicans.

With that, we’ll butt out. We hope that you enjoyed this smoking hot edition of Insights – be sure to check back soon for more! Who knows, we might be digging through the data on your favorite kind of porn next…

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