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Today the Pornhub statisticians are bringing it back to the UK, one of our favorite places on Earth. With updated stats and tons of new information, you are cordially invited to take our latest tour of the British Isles.


Ranking second in the world just behind the United States in terms of most visitors to Pornhub, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Buzzfeed UK to juxtapose these two smut- loving juggernauts and compare their pornographic preferences. So without further ado, let’s see how united these nations are after all!

In this chart, we’ve listed the top 20 search terms in the UK as well as how they compare in terms of popularity in relevance to the US and the rest of the world. Take for instance ‘lesbian’ – the most searched term in the UK, which is 19% more likely to be searched there than in the US and 44% more likely than elsewhere in the world.


As we’ve seen in other countries like Spain and Germany, a nation will typically feature its own nationality as a highly ranked search term. As such, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that ‘british’ is 2093% more likely to be searched for in the British Isles than in America and 1812% more likely to be searched for there than elsewhere on the planet.

The brits are also keener on more eastern flavors with search term ‘indian’ ranking in at 8th place and a whopping 212% more likely to be searched for in the UK, likely due to the large number of Indian immigrants residing there. Other terms like ‘schoolgirl’ and ‘celebrity’ are also considerably more popular with the British whereas ‘step sister,’ despite ranking 16th is still 45% less popular than in the United States as a search term.

It’s All Relative

Here we’re taking a look at search terms that are remarkably more popular in the UK than in the US. We were first introduced to the term ‘chav ’when we were comparing Scotland and England’s Pornhub-related preferences in light of the recent referendum. For our purposes today, this pejorative anti-social British youth epithet is 17749% more likely to be searched for in the Isles than in the US of A, as are territorially-relevant ‘uk,’ ‘scottish’ and ‘british’ which are 2267%, 2017% and 1812% more searched in the UK respectively.


The Pornhub staff also discovered the meaning of ‘dogging’ in researching this post, which apparently has to do with having sex in public places. Count us in! In any case, ‘dogging’ is not only our new favorite hobby but also happens to be 1873% more searched in the United Kingdom than in America. Other standouts include ‘latex’ which is 336% more popular in the UK as a search term, as well as ‘ginger’ at 164% and ‘piss’ at 137%. Fancy some watersports?


When we look at some of these same search terms in relation to the rest of the world, the top part of the list remains more or less the same. A glance at the lower portion of the list shows terms like ‘fingering’ demonstrating an impressive 104% increase in popularity in the UK than internationally and ‘jerk off instructions’ coming in at 101% more popular. Again, the UK ranks second in the world in terms of Pornhub traffic so it would appear that these instructional videos have served well!

Lovely Leading Lasses

The United Kingdom has some excellent taste when it comes to their favorite freaky mattress actresses. International leader Lisa Ann (nsfw) claims first place and is 5% more searched here in relevance to the United States and 17% more searched in regards to the rest of the world.


Reality queen Kim K (nsfw) ranks in at second place but is a little more loved back home in the States, as she is 16% less likely to be searched for in the UK than in her homeland. This is also the case for many other American beauties such as Asa Akira (nsfw), Christy Mack (nsfw), Brandi Love (nsfw), Sasha Grey (nsfw) and Alexis Texas (nsfw) who all rank quite high but are generally more likely to be searched for by their co-patriots.


Speaking of women, it is worth mentioning that a solid 21% of the UK’s Pornhub viewers are of the fairer sex, which ranks quite closely to the worldwide average where 23% of traffic hits result from the keystrokes of manicured fingertips. All in all, women in the UK account for 7% of the world’s female Pornhub viewers – nice work ladies!

Late Night Delights

Some people prefer warm milk and a hot bath before bed, while others’ pre-slumber rituals involve watching free porn. The latter very much appears to be the case in the UK as the peak hours for activity on Pornhub here are between 9pm and 12am, with 11pm seeing the most action, accounting for nearly 8% of the entire day’s activity.


The late morning into early evening hours all cruise around the 5% mark, with activity tapering off in the early morning. They say that nothing good ever happens at 4am, and the same appears to be the case here in the United Kingdom as this is the slowest time for traffic, accounting for only 1.1% of the day’s site activity.

UK’s Favourite Porn Platforms

Now for a look at which types of devices are being used when UK citizens are clocking some time with the best site in the world. Brits are seemingly quite fond of watching others shag while they’re on the go as an astonishing 67% of traffic derives from mobile devices, of which 49% can be traced back to users visiting on their phones. This 67% in the UK is comparable to 70% in the USA and 57% globally.


Stationary sessions are still popular enough here as well, with 33% of traffic coming in from desktops. In America, 30% of folks prefer their smut on PCs, as does 43% of the global population. Tablets do claim their fair share of action however, with 18% of Brits, 13% of Americans and 11% of the world in general logging on on these types of devices.

That’s a wrap for our UK update! We hope that you all enjoyed this latest offering from the Pornhub statisticians and stay tuned for more freaky facts from your favorite porn provider.

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