Pornhub’s Top Easter Searches


In our recent Saint Patrick’s Day Insights, Pornhub’s statisticians discovered that searches for Leprechaun porn shot up 8000% on March 17th. So hot on the heels of that revelation, comes our latest holiday search insights for Easter.


Germany in Review


Our statisticians last studied German Insights in 2014, so the folks at asked us for an update. Since 2014, Germany’s traffic rank dropped from 4th place to 5th for countries bring the most traffic to Pornhub, although the overall traffic from the country grew. In this edition of Pornhub Insights we not only look at Germans in general, but delve into the various regions to see how porn preferences vary across the country.


Netherland’s Top Searches


Pornhub Insights recently revealed the Most Popular Search Terms in the United States and Canada. When we were asked to reveal the same data for the Netherlands we were happy to do so. The Netherlands ranks 14th for traffic volume to Pornhub so they’re a pretty large part of our 60 million daily visitors.


Saint Patrick’s Day Searches


In honor of everyone’s favorite day to get lucky, Pornhub Insights has taken a look at how St. Patrick’s Day affects porn searches. Our statisticians found that searches containing “Irish” went up an astounding 650% on March 17, 2015 compared to daily averages. We also found that searches containing either “luck” or “lucky” were up over 200% that day.


Kim Kardashian’s Selfie


Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has been watched an incredible 144 MILLION times making it the most viewed video on Pornhub. Every month, Kim Kardashian is searched for over 2.5 million times on Pornhub, making her one of our most popular searches worldwide. As we discovered in our 2014 Insights post Kim Kardashian Breaks Pornhub, events in her life can cause searches to go up even further — way up! And that’s exactly what happened after her latest selfie was posted to Instagram on March 7, 2015. By March 8th searches for Kim were up 220%, and on March 9th they peaked at 287% above daily averages.


Thanks Kim! We all look forward to seeing your next selfie!

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