Angelina Jolie versus Marion Cotillard

On September 20, 2016 the news hit that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were filing for divorce. On top of that, Brangelina fans were also shocked by rumors that Brad may have had an affair with Allied co-star Marion Cotillard.

With news sites and social media awash with these stories, our friends at Refinery29 figured it was only natural that fans would start searching Pornhub for anything related to Brad’s love interests. Indeed, our statisticians found that on September 20th, searches for Marion Cotillard jumped by 579% and Angelina Jolie by 58%. By September 21st searches continued to grow, up 1218% for Marion and 129% for Angelina.

On an average day, Pornhub users search for Angelina Jolie several thousand times – making her consistently one of our top 20 (non-pornstar) “people” searches. Marion’s daily  searches are usually one tenth that of Angelina’s, so 1218% represents a significant increase in interest, but Angelina still beat her in raw searches.


Celebrity news stories often cause an increase in searches on Pornhub. We’ve found that searches for Kim Kardashian increased significantly following several of her life events, and even 50s blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe saw increased searches after her biopic film aired on TV.

Italian Traffic During Miss Italy Finale


On Saturday, September 10th, Italy once again selected their most beautiful woman, a tradition that began in 1946. The final competition was held in the seaside town of Jesolo, where 40 of Italy’s most beautiful women competed to win the crown of “Miss Italy”.

Our friends at asked us to look at Pornhub’s visitor traffic from Italy to see if the beauty of Miss Italy’s competitors was enough to take people’s attention away from Pornhub during the live show.


Apple Fans Stop iFapping for iPhone 7 Event


Apple users love Pornhub. But not as much as they like drooling over sexy new iPhones! On Wednesday September 7th Apple presented their annual keynote, this time introducing the much anticipated iPhone 7. Fanboys and girls around the world put everything on hold to watch the live stream, so CNET checked in to see if Pornhub experienced any change in traffic.


Olympic Sized Searches


The 2016 Summer Olympics kicked off on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro. While Team Pornhub was in Rio keeping Olympians safe, our statisticians had to be content following the action through their analytics screens. Our friends at Uproxx were curious to see what effect the Olympic games may have had on the search habits of Pornhub’s users. So in this edition of Insights, we’ll take a look at Rio de Janeiro and how Pornhub’s visitors worldwide reacted to seeing their favorite Olympic sports and athletes.


Does Size Matter?


Pornhub Insights is all about big data, and today we’re collaborating with our friends at The Berry to answer an age old question – does size really matter to women? And if so, does it matter more to women than men? The short answer is yes. On Pornhub, women search for big dick videos 46% more often than men do. They search using the term “dick” 122% more than men, and the term “cock” 7% more than men do.


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