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Kim Kardashian Breaks Pornhub


Regardless of how you feel about her, there is no denying the fact that Kim Kardashian is the current queen of the media. She has one of the most followed accounts on both Instagram and Twitter and every week millions of people tune in to watch her and her family live their lavish lives, but let’s not forget why… she also happens to have the most viewed video of all time on Pornhub by a long shot, with well over 93 million views to date and has also managed to peak as our #1 ranked porn star following the release of her Paper Magazine cover.

Pornhub & India


Today the Pornhub statisticians have teamed up with the folks over at Quartz India to examine how India likes their porn. With a penchant for spicy food and even spicier porno vids, this fair country is near and dear to our hearts. India is credited with having invented chess but with their ranking at 5th place for most daily visitors to Pornhub, it’s clear that hands here are spending less time on checkerboards and more time…well you know. So without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty and take a look at how the people of India get freaky with Pornhub!

Pornhub & Chile

Pornhub Chile Insights Cover

Our friends at recently asked the Pornhub statisticians to take a closer look at the porn viewing habits of the people of Chile. This South American country stretches over 4000 km from North to South, making it officially the most well-hung country in the world. It’s lacking somewhat in girth, but either way, we’re quite impressed!

United Kingdom Update

United Kingdom vs The World Cover

Today the Pornhub statisticians are bringing it back to the UK, one of our favorite places on Earth. With updated stats and tons of new information, you are cordially invited to take our latest tour of the British Isles.

The United States – Nation Duration


Over the past year Pornhub Insights has released a plethora of data on the United States of America including the Top Search Terms in major cities, as well as posts comparing porn viewership in Red vs Blue States and even States with Gay Marriage. This time around, our friends at Mashable asked the Pornhub statisticians to update them on the state of the union. From East to West, North to South, what US states spend the most time on Pornhub, and when do they like to watch porn. Roughly 40% of Pornhub’s traffic comes from the good ol’ US of A, so we better get started crunching the numbers.

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