Game of Thrones Season Six Has Come


For fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones, Sunday April 24th saw the arrival of the highly anticipated Season 6, so the folks at Cinema Blend asked our statisticians to look for all data relating to Game of Thrones, and the results – especially those immediately after the premiere – were surprising. We discovered that Game of Thrones has remained a popular search on Pornhub due in part to various porn parodies and also from fans hoping to find a glimpse of the nudity and sex that the series is known for.


Utah’s Porn Viewers


On April 20th, Utah’s governor Gary Herbert signed legislation declaring porn a public health crisis. Wait what?! Ok, Gary seems like a nice enough guy, and we’re not here to judge. Pornhub Insights presents the facts, and only the facts exactly as we find them. So here’s the real low-down on how average Utahns enjoy their porn.


Puff Puff Porn


Smoking is a popular fetish on Pornhub, and our statisticians took note that searches for a particular type of smoking porn increase every April 20th – which is also known as Weed Day. So for this 4/20 we’d like to puff-puff-pass along some interesting weed related stats.


Norway Insights


Pornhub Insights last reviewed the country of Norway back in 2014, and although they rank 117th worldwide for population, they turn in an impressive 30th spot for traffic to Pornhub. We felt it was time for a full Norwegian update, so we worked with the folks at to provide the following new data.


Pornhub & Rwanda


For today’s edition of Pornhub Insights, the statisticians have their sights set on Rwanda. We’ve teamed up with our friends over at IGIHE to bring you everything from which search terms are most popular among Rwandans to  how site traffic is affected in the country on major holidays. This is our first study in Africa since our post on South Africa, so without any further ado let’s get started!


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