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Today’s installment of Insights is coming to you from Down Under, as a result of the Pornhub statisticians’ recent stint in New Zealand. The country known for providing the breathtaking landscapes seen in The Lord of the Rings films is also home to some of the most fascinating Pornhub related data we’ve analyzed to date. Let’s make like kiwi birds and hop to it!


Here’s some of the basic data to get us started. Right off the bat, we can see that New Zealanders aren’t in any rush when it comes to enjoying some quality time on Pornhub. In our 2014 Year in Review, we determined that the average Pornhub user spends around 9 minutes and 16 seconds on site, per visit, whereas New Zealand’s average visits last a luxurious 9:37. In the Year in Review we also noticed that all over the world in countries like Denmark and Mexico, people tend to spend more time on Pornhub towards the beginning of the week, and less as the weekend draws near. New Zealand follows suit here with Sunday proving to be the most popular among Kiwis, and Friday the least.

pornhub-insights-new-zealand-top-quick-statsThe much higher than average proportion of female viewers that we observed here was one of the coolest things we noticed about New Zealand. In our in depth study on our gender demographics, we learned that around 23% of the global Pornhub viewership is female, according to our anonymized demographics data provided by our analytics software. Countries like Brazil and Argentina had some of the highest proportions of female viewers among countries that we’ve surveyed, with 29% and 28% respectively. The country that was the first in the world to grant women the right to vote, back in 1893, knocks both of these out of the park with it’s impressive 35%. Nicely done women of New Zealand! Let’s take a look at some age demographics.


At a glance, New Zealand’s age demographic distribution very closely resembles those we observed at a global level. As such, it makes sense that the ‘Teen’ category, which is the most popular on a global level as well, ranks first in New Zealand. We have seen in countries that have higher proportions of older viewers like Croatia and Italy, that the ‘Mature’ category tends to rank higher, but such is not the case here. Interestingly, despite the fact that New Zealand isn’t home to a single species of snake, the ‘Big Dick’ category proves the nation’s love for trouser serpent with it’s 4th place ranking.


Most of the time, a country’s top searched term will be it’s own nationality. We’ve observed this in the vast majority of countries we’ve profiled, like Portugal and India to name a few, but in New Zealand, ‘lesbian’ ranks in at first place. In our 2014 Year in Review, we noted that ‘lesbian’ actually overthrew ‘teen’ in becoming the top searched term in the world overall, so we’re not sure if we should attribute first rank here to this trend, or the larger proportion of female viewers in New Zealand. It’s likely a combination of the two.


‘Squirt’ also ranks quite high on the list here, in at 6th place, though an affinity for water sports is not surprising in a country wherein no part of the land is more than 79 miles away from the sea. ‘Cartoon’ and ‘hentai’ also also prove to be popular on the list of the country’s most searched terms. Interestingly, Niue, a sovereign state in free association with New Zealand features Pokemon characters on some of their legal tender. Because of the unusually high proportion of female viewers in the country, we decided to delve a little further into the data and take a look at what the ladies down under are looking for, specifically.

pornhub-insights-new-zealand-women-searchesOverall, we noticed some interesting similarities between the women of New Zealand and the search habits of women all over the world, as detailed in our post on What Women Want. Much like in the rest of the nation, Kiwi women are most interested in watching girl on girl type content overall. Women everywhere seem to enjoy the sapphic stuff most when, as well as scenarios involving multiple partners and watersports. ‘Squirt,’ ‘threesome’ and ‘gangbang’ all rank relatively high on the list here but it’s ‘Kim Kardashian‘ who steals the show in second place, with another possible homage to her body of work on Pornhub in ‘celebrity sex tape’ ranking in at 12th place for the most searched term among women.


These same trends also extend to the categories that are most popular with the ladies of New Zealand. The Lesbian and Gay categories ranking in first and second place in New Zealand echoes what we observed in What Women Want, in that women seem to most enjoy girl on girl and guy on guy type content. Kiwi women don’t only do things bigger in terms of gender proportions though, as made evident by the Big Dick category ranking here in third place, where as it only ranked in at 10th with women on a global scale. We were also able to isolate which categories Kiwi women viewed more than women elsewhere in the world. Standing out here is the fact that women in New Zealand are 65% more likely to view the ‘MILF’ category, 41% more likely to view the Asian category and 29% more likely to view the Indian category. Yay diversity! Let’s take a look at which porn stars are taking the lead in NZ.


The crown for most popular porn star in New Zealand goes to reality queen Kim Kardashian, followed closely in second place by MILF goddess Lisa Ann (NSFW). When it comes to porn stars, Kiwis are again falling less on the patriotic side. When we look at these stats in other countries, at least one or two names on the list belong to porn stars from that specific country. For instance in India, Sunny Leone (NSFW) reigns supreme, where as in Brazil, local babe Julia Paes (NSFW) tops the list. New Zealand’s list, on the other hand, is almost exclusively comprised of American women, many of whom are likely quite grateful for the advances made by New Zealander Sir Howard Gilles, often lauded as the ‘father of plastic surgery’.


New Zealand’s average time on site is one of the highest we’ve seen, but in certain regions of the country, they go for even longer! Take for instance the northeastern region of Gisborne where visits last well over 10 minutes on average. This is a popular wine making part of the country as well, where they clearly have a leisurely appreciation for the finer things in life. Over in the Tasman District, an important agricultural region, visits last closer to 9:17, just a second over the international average.


Holidays are an important part of life in New Zealand, as made evident by the fact that on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, ANZAC Day and Christmas day, television stations are prohibited from running ads. In any case, it seems that folks are steering clear of popular media in general here during the holidays, as seen by the considerable drops in traffic on New Year’s Eve and around Christmas. These aren’t quite as severe as the drops we’ve noted in countries like Sweden or the Netherlands, but there is a definite indication that New Zealanders tend to log off of Pornhub when the holidays hit.




2014 was a huge year on the mobile front for Pornhub, in that it marked a significant transition of people preferring to browse the greatest site in the world on their mobile devices instead of on their desktop computers. Once again, New Zealand is proving to to be ahead of the game here with a colossal 66% of traffic originating from either a smartphone or tablet. Comparably, combined mobile traffic is at just 56% on the global level, putting New Zealand in the same rank as the United States and the United Kingdom, wherein 68% and 65% of traffic comes from mobile devices, respecitvely.


That’s it for New Zealand! We really enjoyed surveying the country whose national badminton team was once called the Black Cocks and hope to get down with some more data digging in this part of the world again soon. Please drop us a line in the comment section below and stay tuned for more awesome Insights!

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