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The last time that the Pornhub statisticians crunched numbers in Asia was back when we got to work in India. Luckily enough, a special collaboration with our friend over at Time Out Hong Kong has brought us back out east. As you’ve come to expect from the Pornhub team, we’re coming at you today with everything from what our users in Hong Kong are searching for the most when they visit Pornhub, to which devices they most use to access the world’s largest adult site. Without further ado, here is the Hong Kong installment of Pornhub Insights.


Hong Kong, which is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, ranks 49th worldwide for most visitors to Pornhub. Residents of the ‘Fragrant Harbor’ also have an impressive 30 second gain on the worldwide average time spent on site, with visits here generally lasting an impressive 9 minutes and 46 seconds. As we saw in our 2014 year in review, this lasting power is comparable to what our statisticians observed in the United States, where visits last around 9:40, but doesn’t quite beat out other countries like the Philippines where visits span a generous 12:40. Hong Kong also has a higher than average proportion of female viewers according to anonymized demographics data provided by our analytics software, at 26%, which is 3 percentage points higher than the worldwide 23%. This may have to do with the fact that there are considerably more women than men in Hong Kong, with the latest census data indicating that 53.8% of Hong Kongers are females. This may also explain why the ‘Female Friendly’ category ranks in the regions top 10 most viewed, which is something that our statisticians rarely see.


In most countries we’ve surveyed like Portugal, the United Kingdom and Argentina to name a few, we have noticed that users tend to flock to Pornhub in great numbers at the beginning of the week, then traffic dips slightly as the weekend approaches. In Hong Kong, we observed nearly the opposite with Sunday proving to be the most popular day for visits to the site, and Tuesday the least. Seeing as many office workers work half Saturdays in addition to the 5-day work week, we can only assume that Hong Kongers are treating themselves to some extra quality me-time on their one full day off. Let’s move on to a look at Hong Kong’s most searched terms on Pornhub.


As we have seen in most countries we have covered, like Italy and the Czech Republic for instance, the top searches tend to relate to that country’s nationality, or to the nationality of countries that are in the surrounding area. This is very much the case in Hong Kong, where 16 of the top 20 terms involve terms like ‘japanese,’ ‘hong kong,’ ‘korean,’ ‘taiwan’ or ‘china’. Similarly, the ‘Japanese’ category was noted as being the most viewed in Hong Kong in the previous chart, with the ‘Asian’ category in at 3rd. We’ll move on with a look at which porn stars are the most popular in the city.


The Asian queen of anal, Asa Akira (NSFW) takes the top place in Hong Kong, followed by international favorites Lisa Ann (NSFW) in at 5th and everyone’s favorite porn turned reality star, Kim Kardashian, in at 8th place. Stoner babe Madison Ivy (NSFW) takes 9th place, with Entourage actress Sasha Grey (NSFW) closing off the list at 10th. Let’s take a look at which age groups bring the most traffic to Pornhub in Hong Kong.


The bulk of traffic here comes from Millennials in Hong Kong, accounting for an impressive 58% overall. Hong Kong boasts a high life expectancy rate at around 84 years of age, and with nearly 30% of their population aged 55+, which is nearly double the worldwide average, it is interesting to note that users in the same age cohort account for just 11% of traffic here. This is one percentage point below worldwide averages for Pornhub. We’ll continue with some data showing which devices are most used to browse Pornhub in Hong Kong.


The last year showed considerable growth in smartphone use among Pornhub users, with more and more regular visitors opting to take their porn with them on the go. Mobile technology is clearly also a popular choice in Hong Kong. Though they fall a few percentage points below average with regards to their proportions of smartphone traffic, they make up for it in tablet use. Accounting for 14% of traffic shares in Hong Kong, this is a solid 3 percentage points higher than the worldwide average. We’ll finish off with this chart, which indicates how traffic changed during certain events an on some of the major holidays in Hong Kong.


During the Chung Yeung, or Double Ninth Festival as well as on Buddha’s Birthday, Hong Kongers were feeling especially festive which they demonstrated with nearly 20% increases in traffic on both days. The former is a statuatory holiday, while the latter is not. The biggest dips were notes on Holy Saturday and on the day of the Ching Ming festival at 34% and 39% respectively. Traffic was up by about 7% on Christmas Day.

That brings us to the end of of Hong Kong coverage. Have any questions or thoughts about this latest edition of Pornhub Insights? Let us know in the comments section below.



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