Pornhub’s 2015 Year in Review

Another year has come and gone, and what a year it has been here at Pornhub Insights! We had lots of fun this year, crunching the numbers and delivering the data on the porn viewing habits of many different types of Pornhub viewers. We took a look at how everything and anything from the Super Bowl to Marilyn Monroe’s birthday to Storm Juno affected search behaviors and traffic rates on the site. Whether you’re a My Little Pony aficionado, an Android worshipper or BDSM enthusiast, Pornhub Insights has had you covered in 2015.  Like we’ve done in 2013 and 2014 before, today we’re coming at you with our annual year in review, to revisit some of our favorite Insights of 2015, along with a bunch of brand new stats. This year, we have also invited renowned psychologist, sex therapist and author of The Sex Bible for People over 50, Dr Laurie Betito, to comment on some of this year’s findings.

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The world watched a lot of porn this year. It’s kind of almost impossible to fully wrap your mind around just how much exactly, but this infographic breaks it down nicely. In 2015 alone, we streamed 75GB of data a second, which translates to enough porn to fill the storage in around 175 million 16GB iPhones. “Love” remains the most commonly featured word in Pornhub comments, which is interestingly something that we happen to have in common with another widely used platform often featuring depictions of scantily clad babes. #Love was the most popular hashtag on Instagram this year as well.


Some interesting rank changes took place over the course of the year, with regards to the countries that bring the most visitors to Pornhub. The United States remains at the top, with American visitors accounting for about 41% of our overall traffic, followed by the United Kingdom in at second place. India knocks Canada out of 3rd place with a one rank postion gain, though this year’s most notable chart climbers are Japan and the Philippines in at 12th and 16th place respectively, thanks to the 3 spot jumps achieved by each. Belgium makes a return to the list this year, rounding it out in 20th place.


We all spent a little more time on Pornhub this year, too. When we put together last year’s report, the worldwide average length for a visit to Pornhub was 9 minutes and 16 seconds. “This indicates that most people are not ‘addicted’ in a way that they spend all of their time on porn, or doing little else with their time,” notes Dr. Laurie. “Your average person only stays long enough to find what they like and masturbate to it.” Over the course of 2015, this figure extended by 4 seconds, with the average session duration now clocking in at 9:20. This likely has to do with the fact that we are spending more time on line, in general. eMarketer reports that we are now spending an average of 5.6 hours online per day, up from 5.3 in 2014. The countries with the lengthiest average visit durations also each added a few seconds their their times. The Philippines remain in the top spot with visits here lasting a leisurely 12:45 on average, which is 5 seconds longer than last year. The US added 11 seconds to their average time on site. India added over a minute to their now 9:30 average since last year, whereas France’s 9:09 average visit length remains exactly the same to where it was at in 2014. On the other hand, Pornhub viewers in countries like Cuba, Mongolia and Kazakhstan tend to keep their sessions short and sweet, with average visit lengths ranging from just over 5 minutes to around 6.5 minutes.


We also took a look at which states last the longest and which have the shortest average visit times. Over in Hawaii, Mississippi and South Carolina, visits last well over 10 and a half minutes, whereas in Rhode Island and Utah, sessions last just over 9 minutes on average. Interestingly, states with longer average session times tend to be located in the south, whereas those with shorter average session times are central or more northern. Dr. Laurie indicates that this is an “interesting finding since we often associate the American south with more religious conservatism.”


Back in November we published Pornhub’s Fappy Hour, which outlined which times of the day and which days of the week Americans most visited Pornhub. Below we’ve got this same data, but on a worldwide level. To calculate this, we adjusted the data to compensate for the differing time zones around the world. Overall, the majority of visits to the site take place between 9 pm and midnight, after which they drop off drastically between the early morning hours. Traffic then builds back up over the course of the day, with a notable afternoon delight spike at 4 pm, then dipping again during the dinnertime hours after which it begins to climb again at 9. “The peak in the afternoon indicates that people are likely logging on at work.  [Maybe 4pm is] when they want to rest their brains perhaps and look for distractions?” posits Dr. Laurie.


This is the pattern that is largely followed on weekdays, during which people are likely sticking to a more regimented routine. On the weekend however, peak hours change and vary, when users are sticking to less strict schedules during their days off from work. Specifically, we see well below average traffic rates during the evening hours on Saturdays, when people tend to be out enjoying themselves, not needing to worry about an early start the next morning. Similarly, we see a spike during the early morning hours on Sunday between 1-4, likely coming from these same people getting a quick session in before bed after their night out. As a result, we see traffic again dipping below average between 5-8 am on Sunday, as users don’t have to rush to get their early morning Pornhub time in before heading out to work. Dr. Laurie suggests that “these results may indicate that porn watching is linked to leisure but not as a priority for people.  Most people still value human social interaction above solo sex.”


And now for a look at what was searched for the most on Pornhub over the course of the last 12 months. In 2015 ‘lesbian’ was the most searched term on the site. Lady-on-lady loving is also the type of content that happens to be the most popular among our female viewers and as we’ll see a little later on in our coverage, our female viewership has also grown over the course of the past year. This may be what finally pushed ‘lesbian’ into the number one spot. “Research by Dr. Meredith Chivers of Queens University has shown that women are aroused by all kinds of sexual activity/imagery, whether they are gay or straight, while straight men are usually not aroused by gay porn and gay men generally not aroused by straight porn,” notes Dr. Laurie.  “It could be that the sexual acts they see on lesbian porn is what they favor (mostly cunnilingus), or simply that they get aroused to such a variety of imagery that it is difficult to pinpoint true desires versus what their bodies respond to.” Other big gaining search terms this year were ‘black’ with a 16 rank placement jump and ‘celebrity sex tape’ with a 47 place jump. Family favorite ‘step mom and son’ jumped an astonishing 71 places, making it the 15th most searched term on Pornhub, in the world. Dr. Laurie suggests that “taboo acts will always rank high simply because it’s taboo.  It’s also only in fantasy and it usually stays there, as compared to threesomes which are often desired in real life for example.”


We’ll continue with a list of the terms that had the most significant proportional search gains from 2014 to 2015. At the top of the list is ‘giantess’ with an impressive 1091% gain. In case you’re unfamiliar, in this context giantess refers to the depiction of a larger than life woman getting down with some very tiny men. Other impressive gainers include ‘celebrity sex tape’ with an 829% increase over the course of the last year (thanks Kim!) and ‘man eating pussy’ with a 769% gain. “This one may be due to the increase in number of women viewing” the site, suggests Dr. Laurie.


Over in the US, ‘lesbian’ got knocked down from the number one spot as the most searched term in the land, and has been replaced by ‘step mom’. ‘Celebrity sex tape’ here also made an impressive 39 spot leap, indicative of a 553% search increase over the course of the last year and lands in at 12th place. However, it’s ‘hardcore lesbian scissoring’ that had the biggest gain over the course of the last year in America, to the tune of an impressive 918% increase.

Did you know that searches for BBW content have gone up 47% since 2013? Check out our Big Beautiful Data post for more stats on lovely larger ladies.

Click through this gallery to see where our top terms are searched for the most and least throughout the world. Some interesting trends pop out here. For one, searches for ‘cartoon’ and ‘lesbian’ are much more prominent in the western hemisphere, and searches for ‘black’ increase in popularity in the US and southern Africa. Searches for ‘step mom’ and ‘step sister’ are proportionally higher in English speaking countries, whereas our users in most of Asia and Africa don’t seem to be overly interested in content featuring squirting.


In this next section we’re going to break down the top 10 searches, top gaining searches, top 3 categories, top 3 porn stars and top 3 relative searches, meaning the terms that are searched for the most in that specific location compared to the rest of the world, for each one of our top 20 countries. We’ll begin with the good old US of A.


In the country that brings the most visitors to Pornhub, search terms like “black,” “step mom and son” and “threesome” are searched for proportionally more than anywhere else around the globe.


Over in the United Kingdom, ‘british chav’ climbed an impressive 23 spots to land in at number 9 as the most searched for term there, and is also the top relative search. Searches for the term were also up 312% over last year. What’s also really interesting here is that ‘indian’ shows up in third place on the UK’s top relative searches, likely having to do with the sizable Indian population residing there. “Recent research from Royal Holloway University has shown that we are attracted to and trust, people who look like us.  So it stands to reason that countries with specific populations (“black” “indian” “asian”) will search for those words,” posits Dr. Laurie.


Some interesting changes over in India. While the vast majority of top, gaining and relative searches here contain ‘indian,’ search terms ‘japanese’ and ‘indonesia’ both made some impressive leaps to get into the top 10 list with 14 and 47 place jumps respectively. Bollywood babe Sunny Leone (NSFW) is the top searched porn star.


While Canada is one of the few countries that does not feature its own nationality as a top searched term, searches for ‘canadian’ were in fact up by 188% over the course of the last year. How’s that for patriotism, eh? ‘Anal‘ is also up 8 spots, now sitting in at 9th place on the country’s list of top search terms.


Germany comes in 5th place on Pornhub’s list of top 20 countries and has some very patriotic search habits indeed. ‘German’ remains the top searched for term by a long shot, followed by others like ‘german milf’ in thirdplace, ‘deutsch’ in fourth and ‘german amateur’ in 5th. ‘Step mom’ searches increased by 180% in Germany, where homegirl Lexy Roxx (NSFW) is the top searched porn star in the land.


The step mom craze on Pornhub appears to have transcended language as well. In France, searches for ‘belle mere’ which is the french translation of the term, have increased by a solid 190% from 2014 to today. Local lady Clara Morgane (NSFW) slides into second place on the list of top searched porn stars and the category with the most views in the country that’s home to the city of love is Anal.


Down under in Australia searches for step relatives are all the rage. ‘Step mom’ and ‘step sister’ land in at the number 2 and number 8 spots for most searched terms in the country, both with some impressive gains over last year. Similarly, the top gaining searches here are ‘step mom shower’ with a 310% increase and ‘step sister caught’ with a 283% growth in searches since 2014.


Over in the bootshaped country, searches for ‘footjob’ and ‘feet’ were quite popular in 2015. Nabbing the 5th and 9th spots in Italy, the 2 terms also showed search increases of 82% and 68% respectively. The biggest gainer this year by far, however, was ‘amatoriale napoli,’ translating to ‘amateur Naples’ which climbed an impressive 99 spots to secure the 4th place rank, which is representative of a 411% search increase.


Searches for ‘3D hentai’ were up almost 700% in Brazil this year. Similarly, ‘cartoon’ is now the second most searched term in the country, up 6 spots from last year, and searches for ‘pokemon’ and ‘scooby doo’ are up 157% and 134% respectively. Basically brazilians really got into animated porn this year, explained possibly by the fact that Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan, where this type of content is also quite popular. Local porn stars Kid Bengala (NSFW) and Marcia Imperator (NSFW) are the 1st and 3rd most searched for in their homeland.


Over in Mexico, megababe Mujer Luna Bella (NSFW) claims the top spot as the most searched for porn star in the country. Searches for step mom are up 116%, not to be outshined by the more local variant ‘mexican mom’ for which searches increased by a respectable 230% this year.


It’s all about My Little Pony in Russia. Searches are up a clopping whopping 438% since 2014 and the term jumped an astonishing 133 places to slide in at 7th place on the list of most searched terms in the country. The California-born babe with the Russian sounding name, Sasha Grey (NSFW), is top searched porn star in the country.


The patriotism is strong over in Japan in that the vast majority of top, gaining and relative searches contain ‘japanese’. The top gaining term in Pornhub’s 12th ranked country is ‘japanese tickle’ with a solid 404% increase. All of the porn stars on the list here, Ai Uehara (NSFW), Yuma Asami (NSFW) and Yui Hatano (NSFW), hail from Japan.

3-pornhub-insights-2015-year-in-review-focus-spainIn spot number lucky 13 comes Spain. In this lovely Mediterranean country, they like their ladies a little more on the seasoned side. Mature is the most viewed category here and searches ‘maduras espanolas’ or ‘spanish swingers’ increased by 456% since 2014. Barcelona bad boy Nacho Vidal (NSFW) is the most searched for porn star in the country.


Who says the best porn needs to feature real life actors? This isn’t necessarily the case down in the Netherlands, where ‘cartoon’ is up 6 spots on the list of top searched terms, in at number 8. Searches for the term increased by 46% over the course of the last year. “Cartoon sex searches certainly indicate the level of fantasy that porn offers,” notes Dr. Laurie. “My hypothesis is that the rise can probably be attributed to the frequency with which many people engage in gaming, hence spending lots of time in a world of fantasy.  The [desire to watch] sex with cartoons can be an extension of this.”


The step mom craze continues over in Poland, where searches are up 171%, nabbing the 4th spot rank on the list of the top 10 most searched terms. BDSM searches were also up 88% this year. Searches for ‘czech‘ are down 6 points, now ranking it at spot number 10.


Japanese mega babe Maria Ozawa (NSFW) is the most searched for porn star in the Philippines. Incidentally, ‘japanese’ is also the 5th most searched for term in the island nation. Otherwise, they are keeping it local with search terms like ‘pinoy,’ ‘pinay’ and ‘filipina’ dominating the top 10 list.


If you’re looking for the ‘worlds biggest dick,’ you may want to consult a swede as they really appear to have done their research this year. Searches for this term specifically are up 338% in Sweden.


It’s all about the homegrown in Argentina, where ‘argentina,’ and ‘argentino’ are the nation’s top searched terms. When we look at the top gaining searches in the country, ‘jovencitas argenatinas’ meaning ‘young argentinians,’ and ‘argentina casero’ which translates to ‘argenitina home’ showed increases of 176% and 159% respectively.


If you’re looking for a country where searches for ‘Scooby Doo‘ porn increased considerably this year, look no further than Romania. In the country famous for being home to Dracula, homegirl Alina Plugaru (NSFW) is the most searched for porn star.


Belgium is one of the few European countries that does not feature its own nationality on its list of top searched terms. Rather, ‘french’ takes the top spot, followed by ‘massage’ in 2nd. ‘Arab’ takes 10th place, which is perhaps explained by Lebanese born babe Mia Khalifa claiming second place on the country’s list of top searched porn stars.


Did you know that Pornhub’s most viewed video of all time is the very NSFW ‘Kim Kardashian Sex Tape With Ray J’? As such, Kim K nabs the top spot as most searched for porn star on Pornhub this year, followed closely by pro athlete fave Mia Khalifa (NSFW) and then MILF queen Lisa Ann (NSFW) in 3rd. We saw an increase in India’s traffic shares this year, which may account for the considerable 8 spot climb by the country’s number one babe Sunny Leone (NSFW) this year. Pornhub viewers also seem to really be enjoying Riley Reed’s videos, who is up 7 spots, perhaps thanks to the release of her first anal scene (NSFW) this year. Brunette babes August Ames (NSFW) and Dillion Harper (NSFW) were also being searched for a lot more this year, as indicated by their 46 and 18 respective rank jumps.


It was quite the year for the Library Girl herself, Kendra Sunderland (NSFW), who tops the list for the porn star with the highest proportion of search increases over the course of the last year with a whopping 3869% gain. Searches for Floridian foxy lady Peta Jensen (NSFW) were up 3246% and for our near sextronaut and Digital Playground contract star Eva Lovia (NSFW) at778%.



Not only was ‘Lesbian’ 2015’s top searched term on Pornhub, it also happens to be the category with the highest number of views. The ‘Teen’ category holds it down in second place, followed by the ‘Big Dick’ category which is up one spot at third place. Some new and evidently quite popular categories were added to Pornhub this year, namely ‘Babysitter’ sitting in at 12th place and ‘Cartoon’ in at number 20. The ‘Public’ category jumped an impressive 30 spots and is currently the 19th most viewed category on the site. Formerly known as the ‘Outdoor’ category, the name change is likely what brought about the sizable jump.


This heat map switches things up a little and shows us where which of our top categories claim the number one rank as most viewed in different countries around the world. As you can see, there’s lots of red on the map, indicating the tremendous popularity of the Lesbian category in countries like the United States, Canada  Norway, Finalnd, Australia, Morocco and Guatemala, to name a few. There’s a decent amount of yellow on there too, showing how much countries like Mexico and India enjoy the Teen category. Most of Africa lights up in the sage color denoting the popularity of the Ebony category there.



Some of our favorite Insights posts to date out have focused on gender demographics which we are able to compile and study thanks to anonymized data from our web analytics tool. It’s very interesting to study the different ways that men and women use and interact with the site. Up next we’ve got the latest on how the ladies get down with Pornhub. As we mentioned a little earlier on, our female viewer base has grown over the course of the last year. In 2014’s year in review, we reported that 23% of our visitors were from members of the fairer sex, and we are now up to 24% at the end of 2015. Well done ladies! Dr. Laurie believes that “this number will likely keep increasing as more and more women are feeling empowered about their sexuality and experience less shame in liking sex.  More and more women are also more open about masturbation (doing it and talking about it!)”


Within our top 20 countries, these proportions are up across the board as well. The Philippines still holds in down with the largest share of female viewers at 35%, up from 34% last year. India’s proportion went up from 26% in 2014 to 30% this year with similar increases noted in Australia which went from 25% last year to 28% today and in the United States where female viewership is now up to 23% from just 21% the year before. There is also a high proportion of female viewers in many Caribbean and Central and South American countries like Jamaica, Nicaragua and Honduras, all hovering around the 40% mark. This heat map demonstrates where Pornhub has the highest proportions of women visiting from throughout the world.


Interestingly, we see that there are higher than average proportions of female viewers south of the equator. On to top searches. ‘Lesbian’ remains at the top of the list for the ladies this year, followed by ‘threesome’ and squirt. Ladies are more interested in lesbian and group sex content, based on what we see here. Men on the mother other hand are more into watching maternal figures get it on. The top searched term among our male viewers is ‘step mom,’ followed by ‘milf’ in third and ‘mom’ in fourth place. Both sexes have a serious step parent fetish though, with ‘step dad daughter’ ranking in at 11th place with the ladies and ‘step mom son’ coming in at 9th with the dudes.


Straight dudes, it’s time to really start paying attention. We’ve found that women are much more interested in watching porn featuring men performing cunnilingus than men. Searches like ‘guy licking pussy’ and ‘man eating pussy’ are searched for over 930% more by women than men. So basically, if you’re still trying to figure out what women want, it’s that. We’ll take a look at categories next.


Again, women are predominantly drawn to categories featuring Lesbian and Gay male content, while men gravitate towards our Teen and Big Dick categories the most. The categories that get viewed significantly more often by women aside from the obvious ‘For Women’ category, again feature group, rough and lesbian/gay sex. Let’s see which porn stars were the most popular among the ladies this year.


Reality/porn stars Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham (NSFW) take the 2 top spots here, followed by the mother of all MILF porn, Lisa Ann (NSFW) in third. Anal queen Asa Akira (NSFW) slides in just after Bollywood babe Sunny Leone (NSFW), then followed by Pinky (NSFW) and the famously well-endowed Mandingo (NSFW). Love and Hip Hop star Mimi Faust (NSFW) is 79% more searched for by women than men, not to be outdone by our dear sextronaut, Johnny Sins (NSFW) who is searched for 181% by women. It should be noted that while James Deen is reflected here as being the porn star most searched for by women compared to men, this data is cumulative and reflects all of the searches from 2015. As a result of recent events, it will be interesting to see if this number will decrease over the course of the next year.


This year we also began exploring age demographics, again thanks to anonymized data from our web analytics tool. While the average Pornhub viewer is aged 35.3 years old, around 60% of our viewers are millennial-aged. These figures alter from country to country, however. For instance, in countries like the India and the Philippines which have median ages that are lower than the world average (22 and 27, compared to 29 worldwide), there are much higher proportions of younger viewers.


We also have the top searched and top gaining terms for each of our age groups. Some interesting trends emerge, notably that the older age groups tend to look for content featuring older people more. In the 18-24 and 25-34 groups, searches for ‘teen’ rank higher than other terms like ‘milf’ which begin to rank higher in the 35-44 groups and up. In the 35-44 and 45-54 groups, ‘teen’ ranks much lower, then disappears off of the list in the 55-64 group’s top 10. ‘Granny’ is the second most searched term among the 65+ crowd. “This finding comes back to the argument of whom we are most likely attracted to (those similar to ourselves).  Also, this finding flies in the face of most women’s thinking that men only like youthful women,” suggests Dr. Laurie.


For more info on our Millennial aged viewers, check out this post.


More and more, we are finding that our users are are opting for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets when they visit Pornhub. In fact, visits from smartphones alone now account for 53% of traffic shares, up from just 45% last year. As such, only 36% of Pornhub traffic originates from desktop computers worldwide. Let’s take a look at traffic shares by device in our top 20 countries.


Interestingly, desktop traffic actually rose in Spain this year, up from 49% in 2014 to 50% in 2015. Everywhere else, we noticed a decrease in desktop traffic shares and an increase in smartphone shares as a result. Some of the largest fluctuations by 10 percent points or more were observed in Japan, Brazil, Poland, Romania and the Philillpines.


There was a notable increase in mobile traffic shares in Eastern Europe, specifically with the 46-62% increases that took place in countries like Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia. Ethiopia takes the cake with a whopping 204% increase, with honorable mentions in Peru and Morocco each with 46% increases.


We also really enjoy reporting on how different OS users interact with the site. Back in September, we released our Apple vs. Andorid post which gave the full run down on which types of porn is preferred within these 2 major subsets of our user base. In this next section we get back to basics with updated traffic shares stats. We’ll begin with desktop. Windows is still in the lead when it comes to which operating system our computer using viewers visit Pornhub with. However the proportion of MacOs desktop traffic shares are up from 11.5% last year to 13% this year.


On the mobile side, visits from Android based devices are down from almost 50% of traffic shares last year to 47.9% this year. The proportion of iOS-based mobile traffic shares are up from 40.2% last year to an impressive 46.2% in 2015.


Want to know what kinds of porn Android users search for more than Apple addicts? Check out our Apple vs. Android Insights.


On the desktop browser front, Google Chrome still accounts for the lion’s share of traffic shares, at 48.9%, followed by Internet Explorer in a distant second place with 17.8%. Last year Firefox claimed second place with just over 20% of traffic shares. Again, this trend is not unique to Pornhub. According to statcounter when it comes to general worldwide desktop traffic, Internet Explorer actually beat out Firefox this year.


While Safari only accounts for about 7% of desktop traffic shares, the Mac browser dominates on the mobile front with 42.7% of shares, up from 38.5% last year. On the other hand, visits from the Android Browser are down by over half, now responsible for just 11.3% of shares compared to last year’s 25.1%.


The biggest changes with regards to gaming console traffic shares occurred between Playstation and Xbox. Though you can play Fallout 4 on both, traffic shares on PS are up to an impressive 46.9%, from just 40% last year and are down to 37.9% from 45.7% on Xbox. This trend is not unique to Pornhub however, as the International Business Times reported that this year’s PS4 sales nearly doubled those of the Xbox One.



By now we know that when big holidays or events take place, traffic changes on Pornhub can be drastic. In this last section we’ll be examining how various holidays, sporting and entertainment events as well as days of political significance affected site traffic throughout the world over the course of the last year. We’ll begin with holidays. Overall, New Year’s Eve is the holiday that causes the largest traffic drops on Pornhub. With an average 44% decrease on a worldwide level, huge drops of over 65% were recorded in Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.


Traffic dips by about 39% on Christmas Eve worldwide, with the biggest drops having taken place in France and Belgium.  Smaller but still significant drops are noted on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. It should be noted that when we measure traffic changes for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we examine only the evening hours whereas for Christmas and Easter we take the entire day into account. Overall traffic is around by about 18% on Xmas, with larger drops of 30% observed in Australia and the United Kingdom.


With regards to Easter, international traffic drops by 9%, with more notable dips in Belgium and Poland. The primary religion in Russia is Orthodox Christianity which does not observe the same holiday schedule as other sects of Christianity. This explains the traffic increases over Christmas and Easter in the country.


In the US, other holidays traditionally involving big get togethers like Independence Day and Thanksgiving also bring about near 12% traffic dips. Trick or treating on Halloween and Valentine’s Day dinners cause traffic to drop by about 3% on these smaller, non-statutory holidays as well.


Over in the United Kingdom, holidays like St Andrew’s Day bring traffic down by 8% and by 9% on St George’s Day. There is however a 7% rise in traffic on New Years Day, suggesting that perhaps Pornhub plays a meaningful role in NYE hangover recovery in the Isles.


Check out how other big holidays in some of our top 20 countries affect local traffic. Taking the lead here is Sweden, where Midsummer Eve causes traffic to drop around 19% below average, as well as a 15% dip on Walpurgis Night.  Romania’s May Day celebrations brings traffic down by 18% while the beginning of Ramadan caused traffic to come down by 15% in India. Argentina‘s National Day on October 12th and Day of respect for cultural diversity on May 25th each brought traffic 14% below average in the country.


Being that a decent amount of our traffic comes from millennial-aged men, when big sporting events go down, so to does Pornhub traffic. In the US, traffic dropped by 25% during the Superbowl and then by 27% on the day of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao UFC fight. Over in New Zealand, the Rugby World Cup brought traffic down by a whopping 47% and by a slight 6% during the Cricket World Cup Final. Soccer matches always bring traffic levels way down on Pornhub. In Chile, traffic dropped by 35% during the Copa American Semi-Final Match game against Peru. The 2015 UEFA Champion’s League Final brought traffic down by 43% by host country Germany and 25% and 36% in competing Italy and Spain.


Other big TV and entertainment events brought about some traffic fluctuations on the site this year too. The Late Late Toy Show which aired on November 27th and is estimated to have been watched in around 1/3 of Irish households caused a 16% drop on the Emerald Isle. The Republican Debates caused traffic to dip by about 4.5% on average in the US, while the Democrat debates only caused a 2% dip. The birth of Princess Charlotte brought traffic down by 3% in the United Kingdom, while the opening day of Expo Milan caused a 4% drop over in Italy.


Our viewers exercising their right to vote on election and referendum days can also cause traffic disruptions on Pornhub. This year’s Greek Referendum brought traffic down by 4% in the country, whereas Canada’s federal election day brought about an 8% dip. The largest drop of this sort at 12% was recorded in Venezuela during the Parliamentary Elections. On the other hand, traffic actually increased by 4% in Portugal on their legislative election day. This is perhaps explained by the fact that this election represented a new low in terms of voter turnout in the country, at just 55%.


Big events like these can also bring about shifts in search behaviors on Pornhub. For instance, when Kate Middleton gave birth in May, searches for her shot up on the site by 920%.


Similarly, with all of the media hype building, searches for Star Wars skyrocketed leading up to and after the release of the latest installment. Specifically, these searches were up by 1854% around the December 18 release date of The Force Awakens.


While there is already a fair amount of Pornhub-grade content going on in Westeros as is, fans of the show tend to be searching for ‘Game of Thrones’ big time when Season  debuted and ended this year. Searches spiked by almost 200% the day after the premiere on April 13 and then again by 212% on the day of the June 15 finale.



This brings us to the end of Pornhub’s 2015 Year in Review! We’ve got lots of awesome Insights posts on the way, that will deliver the data on everything from your favorite sporting and cultural events and everything in between in 2016 so be sure to stay tuned. Which findings were you the interested in or surprised by in this most recent Year in Review? Let us know in the comment section below.


Our Year in Review can’t cover everyone, so we focus mainly on comparing the Top 20 countries that bring traffic to Pornhub. We’re more than happy to provide some additional data on request, so here are some updates based on 2015 statistics.


The folks at asked where Norway fell into the swing of things. Norway ranks 30th in sites bringing traffic to Pornhub. They have a slightly higher proportion of female viewers at 26% compared to the worldwide average of 24%, but they do fall several seconds short of the worldwide average for time spent per visit.


Austria asked about Austria, which ranks 35th in traffic to Pornhub. Much of their search list is similar to neighboring Germany with terms like ‘german’ and ‘deutsch’ topping the list. Austrians also seem to enjoy a bit of ‘german dirty talk’ as that’s one of the top terms in 2015, moving up 24 spots from 2014.


Malta inquired about their country. We noted that Malta has a much higher percentage of women visitors at 29% compared to the worldwide average of 24%. Their average time on site of 8 minutes and 20 seconds falls well behind the worldwide average though. We were however impressed that this country ranking 173 worldwide based on population manages to rank 93rd for traffic to Pornhub.


Northern Ireland

Sunday Life in Belfast asked us to look at Northern Ireland, which ranks 4th of all regions inside the U.K. for traffic to Pornhub. We see far less ladies from Northern Ireland than we would like – only 21% of visitors compared to the worldwide average of 24%. That may account for the 1 second they come up short for time on site compared to the U.K. in general. Although MILF is the top category here, we suspect GILFs are equally popular with ‘very very old granny’ being a search that is more likely to come from Northern Ireland than elsewhere worldwide.



The folks at asked us to look at Serbia’s data for 2015. Their country ranks 41st worldwide for traffic coming to Pornhub. Interest in fellow Serbians top their search list with ‘serbian’ and ‘serbian amateur’ taking the top two spots. Searches for ‘croatian’ are about equal to ‘teacher’, ‘gangbang’ and ‘public’ porn. The average Serbian’s time on site is much lower than the world average at 7 minutes and 48 seconds, but they do have a higher proportion of female visitors at 31% compared to 24% worldwide.



We were contacted by El Periòdic to find out about their home country of Andorra. Although they only rank 162 for worldwide traffic to Pornhub, that’s still well ahead of their population rank of 202 worldwide. Matronly porn rules in Andorra with “mom” being the top search term and “MILF” being the top category. We also find an interest in mature ladies with “mature” being the 4th most popular category and “maduras espanolas” being one of the terms that is searched much more by Andorrans than the rest of the world. Apparently they also like seeing a “trimmed bush” very “close up”.



The Pornhub Statisticians were asked to look into Slovenia by the people at Slovenians spend an average of 8 minutes and 27 seconds on Pornhub, less than the worldwide average. 27% of visitors are women, which is higher than the world. Searches for “lesbian” have moved up 15 places from 2014 to 2015, and “public” porn has moved up 71 spots. The most viewed category is “mature”, which is contrary to the most popular search “teen”. Although “slovenian” one a popular search, other relative popular searches include “bosnian”, “croatian” and “serbian”.



RadioMOF asked us to look at the porn habits of Macedonians. On average they spend 8 minutes and 57 seconds on Pornhub, a bit less than the world average of 9 minutes 20 seconds. They have a much larger proportion of female viewers at 30% compared to 24% worldwide. 70% of visitors are Millennials under the age of 35, much more than the world average. Popular searches include “macedonian” and “macedonia” but other countries like “serbian”, “albanian” and “bulgarian”. The most popular category is “mature”, with “MILF” also appearing in the top 5, so it’s not surprising MILF super-pornstar Lisa Ann is Macedonia’s most searched for pornstar.


Croatia asked us to review the porn habits of Croatians. On average, Croatians spend 8 minutes and 52 seconds each time they visit Pornhub, which is about 30 seconds less than the world average of 9 minutes and 20 seconds. 27% of visitors are female, which is slightly higher than the world average of 24%. The most popular category viewed in Croatia is “Mature”, followed by “Lesbian”, and the most searched for pornstar is “Lisa Ann”. The most searched for term is “croatian”, and they search quite often for “serbian”, and “bosnian” compared to the rest of the world.



Novy Cas reached out and asked our statisticians to review the porn habits of Slovakia. On average, Slovaks spend 8 minutes and 41 seconds on Pornhub, which is about 40 seconds less than the world average. 29% of visitors are female, which is slightly higher than the world average of 24%. The most popular category viewed in Slovakia is “mature”, followed by “lesbian”, and the most popular pornstar is “Lisa Ann”. The most searched for term is “czech”, although “slovak” moved up 8 positions in search term rank over the last year.


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