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Pornhub & Storm Juno


Like a disappointing Tinder match, the Blizzard of 2015 promised to deliver big inches but when it came time for the big event, the whole affair proved to be rather anticlimactic. Throughout New England, huge snowfall predictions were being made: Boston was expecting somewhere in the ballpark of 2 to 3 feet of snow, New York 1.5 to 2 feet, and Philadelphia more than a foot. A state of emergency was officially declared in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, southern New York and Rhode Island and a disaster emergency proclamation was signed in Pennsylvania. Schools, government services and public transit were shut down and curfews were put into effect. In other words, Mother Nature was set to bukkake the northeast.

Pornhub Aria Delivers 2014’s Top 10 Porn Facts


On the heels of the release of our 2014 Year in Review, check out this video featuring our very own Pornhub Aria dishing out some of the more salient porno facts that we discovered over the course of the past year. In case you haven’t already gotten yourself acquainted with the latest and greatest addition to the Pornhub team, you can follow her on twitter here, and be sure to check out the rest of her videos on the new and improved Pornhub YouTube channel!

Pornhub Traffic During the CFB Playoff


The Ohio Buckeyes overtook Oregon in a 42-20 win, claiming the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship title on January 12th 2015. While most eyes last night were glued to Heisman winner Marcus Mariota and Ohio State star QB Cardale Jones, the Pornhub and Youporn statisticians were carefully tracking traffic patterns. Let’s take a look at how this latest sporting event shaped the flow of visitors to the greatest sites in the world.

Pornhub & Brazil


As Brazil was the focus of the world this past summer, it sparked our Pornhub statisticians to look into the porn viewing habits of Brazilians and see what insights we could share. So without further ado…

2014 Year In Review


2014 was a huge year for us here at Pornhub HQ. We put our team of statisticians to work time and time again to deliver the data and bring you the most fascinating facts having to do with the world’s #1 porn site. Focusing largely on search trends and how user interactions react to major events around the world, we’ve covered everything from the traffic changes during the recent Scottish referendum to America’s obsession with anal sex and everything in between. Be it sports, politics, climate or demographic related, we found a way to relate it to porn trends and offer up some awesome insights. Today, we’re going to relive the magic one more time and take a long and hard look at how Pornhub’s user habits have evolved over the course of the past year, when compared to our 2013 review, as well as introduce some exclusive new and updated data. Let’s get started!


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