Pornhub Battle of the Browsers

Over the past year, Pornhub has seen a major shift in the types of traffic coming to our site. Of the 38 million people who visit Pornhub each day, over half are now using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Desktop computers are still a stand up choice, but it seems that more and more people like to tap and fap.

Our friends at Gizmodo asked us to dig a bit further into our data, and see what web browsers are the most popular for watching porn on desktop, mobile and tablets. Our Pornhub statisticians went even further to discover what type of videos are searched for in each browser, and even how long those users will typically stick around. Read on to learn the results!

Browser Breakdown

On desktop and laptop computers, Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser for users looking to polish their chrome – nearly 45%. Internet Explorer comes in second at 23%, just slightly ahead of Firefox.


On mobile devices like smartphones, Safari comes in first at 38% of Pornhub traffic, followed by Android Browser at 29%. Google’s mobile Chrome browser has a solid 18% share. Chrome is available on multiple mobile platforms, whereas Safari and Android Browser are exclusive to their respective operating systems.

For tablets, Apple shows its strong share of this market with nearly 73% of users coming to Pornhub from Safari browser. Chrome comes in second at 14%, followed by Android Browser at 8% and Amazon Silk at 5%. BlackBerry users like to 69 – well, 0.69% anyways.


Over half of Internet Explorer users coming to Pornhub are using the latest version 11. Version 10 was released in 2012 and brings 17.5% of the traffic. Version 9 (2011) and Version 8 (2009) each bring just over 14% of visitors. IE 7 (2005) and IE 6 (2001) still account for 2.5% of our traffic, and unbelievably we do still have daily visitors from IE 5 looking for a porn fix.

Elation Duration

Internet Explorer users are used to taking their time – whether it’s just opening a new window, or apparently while watching porn. On desktop computers, the average IE visitor spends nearly 10 and a half minutes on Pornhub. In all fairness, Fapple Safari users are just a few ticks quicker at 10 minutes 23 seconds. But Chrome (8 mins 24 sec) and Firefox (8 min 29 sec) seem to get the job done a full 2 minutes faster. And for Opera users, the BBW lady sings in only 7 and a half minutes.


Mobile users are quicker on average at getting the job done. Internet Explorer again takes the longest at 8 minutes 57 seconds, and Chrome the least at only 8 minutes 17 seconds.

On tablet computers, Amazon Silk users take an incredible 12 minutes 33 seconds each time they visit Pornhub, 2 minutes longer than iPad users with Safari. Those using Android browser are fastest at 9 minutes 45 seconds.

Tap Tap Tap Fap

On desktop computers, Safari users look at 9 different Pornhub pages before they find just the right video, followed by Internet Explorers at 8.2. Chrome and Firefox again are side by side at 7.6 and 7.4 respectively, and Opera in just under 7.


Mobile Internet Explorer users are in the lead again with over 10 Pornhub pages, followed by Safari at 9.7 and Chrome at 9.6. Android Browser users need one less page to find the perfect video (8.5), and once Opera Mini gets the job done quickly in only 7.6 pages.

Tablet users with Amazon Silk look at just under 10 pages, followed closely by Safari and Chrome. BlackBerry tablets require one less page (8.3) and Android Browser gets there in 7.5 pages.

Browser Browsing

Chrome and Firefox users are most likely to search for “mom” videos, while Safari users prefer “massage” videos. Interestingly, Internet Explorer leads more people to search for “Japanese” videos by a pretty large margin. Other nationalities that make our browser based lists are “French” at number 10 on IE and “german” at number 4 on Firefox.

When we recently looked at Germany’s porn viewing habits, we discovered that over 80% of their searches included the word “german”. This combined with Firefox being the most downloaded browser in Germany (ref) certainly had an effect on the popularity of that term.


Polar porn opposites “teen” and “milf” make a strong showing across all browsers. Terms that only appear on one browser’s top 10 list include “teacher” on Chrome, “squirt” on Safari, “cartoon” on Internet Explorer and “anal” on Firefox.

Browser Booty

“Lisa Ann” is the most searched for Pornstar worldwide, so it’s no surprise to see her top the search list on all major web browsers. “Madison Ivy” is hot on her high-heels taking the second spot on all but Internet Explorer where she drops to 3rd.


Sex-tape star “Kim Kardashian” pops up on all browsers but Safari, while fellow sex-tape alumni “Farrah Abraham” is only loved by Internet Explorer users. “Asa Akira” is popular on all browsers, but “Christy Mack” is exclusive to Safari’s top 10.

We hope you enjoyed browsing our results in this edition of Pornhub Insights. Stay tuned for more to come! In the meantime, why not open a new tab and head on over to for a little browsing of your own.

  • DruidofFail

    Gross… people use the stock Android Browser? WTF?

    • WTF?

      People use IE… ¿^^

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  • And the only reason so many people are using IE 11 is because of the people who are running Windows 8. Otherwise, IE 10 would be the majority of those on the Internet Explorer system. I’ve tried IE 11 on Windows 7 and it is useless junk. That is why I recommend against anyone still running Windows 7 to “upgrade” to IE 11.

  • HollaAtMeYo

    Opera is just the best <3


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