Women Searching for Women

When Pornhub Insights studied “What Women Want,” we found that ‘lesbian’ was their number one favorite search term. We looked further into “Women’s Searches Worldwide” and discovered that lesbian is the search term favored across most of North and South America, whereas other terms like ‘anal’ and ‘ebony’ topped women’s searches elsewhere. Our friends at Vice checked in to see if lesbian searches by women were a trend specific to North America. Read-on to find out!

Women in Canada and the United States are 186% more likely to search for Lesbian videos compared to men, and they’re 63% more likely to search than women elsewhere in the world. Women in the United States proportionately show 16% more interest in lesbian porn compared to Canadian women.


The most popular lesbian related searches by women include “lesbians scissoring”, “lesbian seduces straight girl”, “lesbian strap on” and “lesbian squirt”.


Lesbian is also a top search term with men, so to see how women’s tastes differ we looked at their top relative searches. Women are proportionately 695% more likely to search for “lesbians scissoring” and “lesbian strap on” is 272% more popular.


When compared to other age groups, women aged 18 to 24 are 31% more likely to search for lesbian porn. The popularity of lesbian searches drop considerably as women get older.


Compared to men within the same age groups, it’s women 25 to 34 who are the most interested in lesbian porn compared to their male counterparts by 271%. Over the age of 65, the popularity of lesbian porn drops to just 11% when comparing women to men of the same age.


In the United States, lesbian porn is proportionately more popular with women in Southern states including Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama. It’s less likely to be searched by women in Vermont, Hawaii, Alaska and Wyoming.


In Canada, lesbian porn is most popular with women on the East Coast in provinces like New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Much like the United States, the popularity of lesbian porn drops towards the West Cost, with women in British Columbia proportionately searching the least.


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