Creative Director Contest Winner Announced


Pornhub, the premier destination for free online adult entertainment, today announced Nuri Gulver of Istanbul as the winner of its Creative Director Challenge, a contest that solicited “safe-for-work” (SFW) designs for an upcoming multimedia advertising campaign. Gulver, 24, who won for his campaign: “All You Need Is Hand,” has been awarded with a one-year paid READ MORE

Pornhub Supports Google Chromecast


We have some exciting news for our Pornhub fans with Android devices. You can now enjoy all of your favorite Pornhub videos on your TV using Google Chromecast! Pornhub has long supported Apple Airplay devices, allowing you to stream videos from your iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV. We’re now pleased to offer the READ MORE

Pornhub Comments on Valentines Cards

Pornhub Comments on Valentines

Looking for a way to share your true feelings this Valentines? Humorist Jason Mustian, who brought us the hysterical compilation of Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos, is back with his latest creation featuring Pornhub Comments on Valentines. Nothin says lovin quite like seeing real Pornhub video comments on Valentines cards. In the throes of watching READ MORE

Pornhub Supports the Xbox One


We've got some more exciting news for you just in time for Thanksgiving. In another adult industry first, Pornhub fully supports brand new Xbox One! You may have recently read that Pornhub is the first porn site to support the PS4. We didn't want to pick sides and only support one console. Our mission is READ MORE

Pornhub Offer to help Obama admin Get it Up… ACA website that is, which knows a thing or two about hosting millions of concurrent users, has officially offered the services of its talented engineers to help the Obama administration avoid future tech surges and bring affordable healthcare to all Americans. When the Obamacare website went down, Corey Price, Pornhub's VP started thinking.. "It just came to me; READ MORE

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