Boobs, Butts & Beyond


Are you a boob person or a butt person? The answer to this may be personal to some but is quite telling when examined within an international context. As a part of a special report with our friends over at 20 Minuten, today the Pornhub and Youporn statisticians have teamed up to take a look READ MORE

Level of Income Affects Porn Viewing Habits


Our latest behavioral study came after the folks at posed the question: “Who watches more porn; people living in cities with higher or lower average income?”  After determining the Top 10 cities at either end of the income spectrum, Pornhub’s diligent statisticians set to work crunching the numbers, and the results were interesting.  A READ MORE

What are Americans Searching for on Pornhub?


It’s Friday night, your date stood you up, and the mood to watch some naughty videos creeps up on you.. You head over to your favorite page –, and think to yourself; “What am I in the mood for, what do I type in”? If you ever wondered what the rest of the country READ MORE

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