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Pornhub Insights last took a detailed look at searches for Overwatch shortly after the game’s release in May of 2016. Since then, Overwatch has remained one of the most popular game searches on Pornhub. In our 2017 Year in Review, Overwatch was the 13th most popular search of the year, and even reached as high as number one in Brazil and number 2 in Russia. The Year in Review also featured Pornhub’s most searched game characters of 2017, with D.Va, Mercy and Tracer taking the top 3 positions.

In March of 2018, the latest Overwatch update added hero #27, Brigitte. Rolling Stone’s Glixel checked in to see if this new character had any effect on searches. Our statisticians found that within just a few days, Pornhub searches containing “Brigitte” increased by 6264%, exceeding 2 million searches in just 10 days!

The excitement over the new game update also caused a big increase of 225% in all searches containing “overwatch”.

With all this attention around Brigette, our statisticians looked at how searches for all Overwatch characters were affected. The 23 year old Swedish hero now massively outranks the next most popular character D.Va. Searches for Tracer and Windowmaker have both increased in 2018, with Mercy dropping from 2nd place (in 2017) to 5th.

Our statisticians also found that certain characters were more popular in different parts of the world. Brigitte is searched more often by visitors from the United States and Canada than any other countries. Her home country of Sweden ranks 5th. D.Va is Korean, so it seems fitting that South Korea is the number one country searching for her character. Tracer is most popular in Russia, but she is also popular in Mexico and South America. Widowmaker, from France is more popular in European countries like Finland and Norway. Mei is from China, which is also the country most likely to search for her character.

We hope you enjoyed this gamer edition of Insights. For other game related date you can check out our Fortnite Insights, Minecraft Insights, Pokemon and Fallout 4.

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