Pornhub & The NBA Finals

The 2013 NBA finals grew in excitement with every game. With every spectacular dunk, and last second shot, the viewership of these games also rose. As the chart below shows, the more drama the finals had, the less people came to Pornhub!


First, let’s talk about the average across the United States. Game 1 opened with a 6% drop in Pornhub traffic, followed by a 3% and 2 % drop for the next 2 games. Interest in the series apparently picked up for games 4, 5, and 6 with the percentages dropping to 8, 7, and 7 percent respectively. As most would expect, game 7 yielded the biggest drop at 14%.

Let’s think about this for a second. Can the interest in a basketball game really be judged by dips in traffic on a porn site – Welcome to America!

When comparing the San Antonio and Miami regions, the drops in traffic tell a story about the series. Going into game 1, Spurs fans were ready to go, getting their Pornhub viewing done early, in time for a 28% drop in visits during the game, compared to only a 10% drop in Miami. As the series progressed, the interest intensified and our site suffered in those regions (temporarily of course).  If you have a look at game 7 though, it definitely tells a tale; with a winner take all environment, both sets of fans put their computers on sleep mode in order to watch the game. There was a 31% dip in San Antonio, and a 34% dip in Miami…

Only in the United States can an adult website be able to justify traffic losses due to sporting events. By breaking the traffic spikes down by cities, it’s safe to say that porn occupies our minds whenever it’s not otherwise occupied. Had the series been a snore-fest I can almost guarantee the results would have been different – how else would you explain these drops!

  • Guest

    stats like these are rather telling… like when the site admins should do maintenance on the site.

  • Rayshell

    I work in online marketing. I’ve always struggled a bit with statistical analysis. Thank you. After reading over these charts and conclusions…I have better understanding of how insights really work.

    Thanks Pornhub.

  • gramon55

    If this is correct, we could determine who watches more porno, Republicans or Democrats. I would like to know the drop in activity during Republican and Democratic debates. That would be very telling!

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