2014 Year In Review

2014 was a huge year for us here at Pornhub HQ. We put our team of statisticians to work time and time again to deliver the data and bring you the most fascinating facts having to do with the world’s #1 porn site. Focusing largely on search trends and how user interactions react to major events around the world, we’ve covered everything from the traffic changes during the recent Scottish referendum to America’s obsession with anal sex and everything in between. Be it sports, politics, climate or demographic related, we found a way to relate it to porn trends and offer up some awesome insights. Today, we’re going to relive the magic one more time and take a long and hard look at how Pornhub’s user habits have evolved over the course of the past year, when compared to our 2013 review, as well as introduce some exclusive new and updated data. Let’s get started!


XXXmas with Pornhub

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the time during which the Pornhub statisticians reveal their yuletide-themed findings! Our friends over at Vice asked us to take a look at how Pornhub users get festive on the biggest porn site in the world and in the spirit of giving, we’re offering up the goods. So hold on to your Santa hats and let’s get started!


Boobs, Butts & Beyond

Are you a boob person or a butt person? The answer to this may be personal to some but is quite telling when examined within an international context. As a part of a special report with our friends over at 20 Minuten, today the Pornhub and Youporn statisticians have teamed up to take a look at which body parts are most lusted over in which parts of the world and as you’ll soon see, some very interesting trends emerge. For this exclusive report, the data represents the popularity of certain search results pulled from both Pornhub and Youporn’s anonymized data analytics, so let’s get started!


Who Lasts the Longest?

Ever wonder how your lasting time compares to others around the world? The Pornhub statisticians have got you covered. As a part of a special collaboration with Gizmodo, we’ve got the dirt on the longest and shortest comings and goings on the world’s biggest porn site. The following infographic allows you to click through and see how long on average Porhub users around the world spend on the site by country and US state, as well as by city again on both the international and individual state levels. The data used was compiled over the Fall of 2014.


Porn’s Favorite Platforms

You can’t always choose the ideal time to watch porn, so the Pornhub team works hard (often very hard) to ensure a pleasurable experience across all devices. Mobile traffic has grown significantly over the last few years, with over 60% of Pornhub users now coming from phones and tablets. The latest area of growth is game consoles, which allow users to enjoy Pornhub on their large screen TVs. Device usage varies worldwide, so we’ve prepared an interactive infographic to see how each country and region stacks up.


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